Modern Abstract Stainless Steel Elephant Sculpture Home Ornament for Sale CSS-137

  • Item NO.: CSS-137
  • Material:304 or 316 Stainless Steel

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


Modern Abstract Stainless Steel Elephant Sculpture Details:

This modern abstract stainless steel elephant sculpture features large size with mirror polished finish. The huge long elephant trunk is bent over and raised up, and each section is vivid. And a pair of sharp and realistic ivory is engraved on both sides with big fan-like ears. With four stout legs, a majestic elephant with huge body stands on the ground. Using high-quality stainless steel material, YouFine is worthy of your trust.


Other Popular Designs:

YouFine modern abstract stainless steel elephant sculpture is made based on the shape of a real elephant. We also create elephant sculptures with different unique shapes. Their postures are very lively and interesting. Besides, other stainless steel animals like lions, tigers, rabbits, dolphins, etc. are all available. Custom designs are acceptable. If you have anything you like, feel free to contact us.


Strong Base:

Don’t ignore the importance of the sculpture base. For small stainless steel works, the irregular shape makes the work more natural and varied. If the irregularity is obtrusive, try to cover it underground, which is easy and natural. For example, the combination of monkeys and branches, fish and waves, sometimes ingeniously used. They can also give the seemingly trivial and chaotic sculpture a subject good sense of form. In this way, the pedestal is no longer a simple square table, but a part of the sculpture.


YouFine Advantages:

There are also many advantages of modern abstract stainless steel elephant sculpture.
1. High Polishing and vivid figures.
2. Large quantity of Sculptures in Stock. The warehouse has many stocks with a wide variety and completeness.
3. Timely delivery: Professional production line, guarantee delivery of urgent orders; deliver to customers as soon as possible.
4. Reliable quality: provide original material to ensure product quality!
5. Professional after-sales: the first time for quotation, explanation, pre-sale, sale, after-sale tracking service.


If you are still looking for stainless steel animals sculptures,
Maybe a little chat with our knowledgeable and passionate staff will help you a lot!

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