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YouFine Sculpture can provide large or life-size bronze horse statues and animal statues for any project. We have completed many successful cases of bronze animal statues, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

Life Size Bronze Jumping Horse Sculpture from Manufacturer BOKK-236
life size bronze cowboy on horse statue (5)
Stunning Bronze Life Size Horse Sculptures for Garden BOK1-473
Life Size Bronze Horse Jappeloup Statue for Sale (1)
Full Size Bronze Cowboy Riding Horse Statue for Outdoors (5)
life-size bronze Arabian horse statue for sale
Large Bronze Horse Head Statue Outdoor Decor Supplier BOK1-230
Bronze horse sculptures for sale bronze horse head statue BOKK-709 (2)
bronze horse head sculpture
Life Size Bronze Jumping Horse Sculpture for Sale BOKK-237
Outdoor Bronze Equestrian Statue Lawn Decor Manufacturer BOKK-240
Large-outdoor-garden-bronze-horse-water-fountain (3)
High Quality Life Size Bronze Horse Statue for Lawn for Sale BOK1-137
Life Size Bronze Mare and Foal Statue Garden Decor Supplier BOKK-218
Patina Bronze Outdoor Life Size Horse Statue Factory Supplier BOKK-241

Our life-size bronze horse statues are hand-cast from high-quality bronze, they are suitable for governments, universities, ranches, public spaces, and commercial and private residences.

Our team has professional designers and artists available to provide a custom service.

We have a large number of high-quality and affordable bronze horse statues in stock for you to purchase directly, shortening your ordering time.




These are the bronze horse statues at the YouFine factory that have recently been completed. They come in different styles and sizes, including life size bronze horse statues and large bronze horse statues. We can see that each bronze horse statue is perfect, whether it is the flying mane, the energetic eyes, the veins on the body, etc. are all very fine. I believe you will be very surprised when you see these bronze horse statues with your own eyes.




As a professional bronze horse statue casting factory, with our exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable service over the past 40 years, our bronze horse statues have been exported to many countries and regions, including but not limited to the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Nigeria, etc., our bronze horse statues are unanimously praised by customers. And many customers have recommended us to their friends who are also in need of bronze horse statues.

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At YouFine, we offer many kinds of bronze horse statues. Request a free quote from us today or get the 2024 bronze horse statue catalog.



Jumping Horse Sculpture

Personalized Customization Service

We have a team of top designers in the industry who are proficient in CAD drawings and 3D technical and can provide you with personalized customization services for bronze horse statues. Whether it is the posture, size, detailed decoration of the horse, or the overall artistic style, we can all customize it according to your needs. Carefully designed and cast to meet unique needs. We firmly believe that every work of art should carry the owner’s emotions and stories, and our team is committed to presenting you with a bronze horse statue that is closest to your inner expectations.

Realistic Clay Model

During the production process, we used high-precision clay models to meticulously carve out the initial form of the life size bronze horse statue. The clay model of each bronze horse has been carefully designed and repeatedly modified by professional artists to ensure that the horse’s muscle texture, bone structure, and dynamic expression are extremely realistic, ensuring that your ideal sculpture is restored to the greatest extent.

Realistic Clay Model
Traditional Lost Wax Process (2)

Traditional Lost Wax Process

YouFine artists are proficient in the demanding traditional lost-wax process. The silicone mould used in this process can make every detail of the bronze horse statue delicately expressed. Its characteristic is that it can accurately replicate all the details of the clay model, making it possible to cast it. The bronze horse statue has smooth lines and rich layers, showing the deep charm of bronze material and the exquisiteness of sculpture art.

Professional Patina Artists

To make the bronze horse statue more vital and artistically appealing, YouFine artists use professional patina technical after the casting is completed to generate a natural and simple patina through chemical reactions to make the sculpture richer and more delicate in color levels. You can customize the desired patina according to your own needs. The patina of each bronze horse sculpture is hand-mixed and applied by skilled artists to ensure that its color will last as long as new without losing its primitive charm.

Professional Patina Method
Reliable Packaging Method

Reliable Packaging Method

We attach great importance to the transportation and delivery of bronze horse statues and adopt strict double-layer packaging to ensure that the sculptures are undamaged during transportation. Whether it’s thick soft foam/sponge filling, standard 3cm wooden crate packaging, or purchasing full insurance, every step is designed to ensure that your bronze horse statue reaches you in perfect condition, allowing you to enjoy it from start to finish. You can always feel our considerate and professional service attitude.



YouFine factory was established in 1983 and is located in Quyang, Hebei Province, a famous sculpture town in China. We have more than 100 employees.

Our team has top designers in the industry and artists who are passionate and patient about bronze sculptures and can perfectly restore the bronze horse sculptures in your mind.

At the same time, we have a strict quality control team responsible for controlling every detail to ensure that you have a perfect and high-quality bronze horse statue.



Yes, YouFine is a direct sales factory located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, the famous sculpture hometown in China. We have more than 40 years of bronze sculpture casting experience since our establishment in 1983.

YouFine adheres to the principle of long-term cooperation, so we will give special discounts based on the quantity and total price of your bronze horse statues.

YouFine is a direct-selling factory, so you can rest assured that our prices are very favorable. The price of the specific bronze horse sculpture varies depending on whether you customize it, size, style, etc. For detailed price information, please consult our sales manager.

It would take 60-70 days in total including 20-25 days to your countries, 20-25 days to your city, and extra few days to your home. We also have some stock bronze horse statues in our factory, which are ready to ship.

Regularly dust the bronze horse sculpture and wipe it with a soft towel or cotton cloth dipped in mild water. Avoid using harsh chemicals to avoid damage to your bronze horse sculpture. In addition, you can wax it regularly to make the surface of the bronze horse sculpture more luster.

Of course, we can provide progress feedback. After you and the designer have communicated the style, size, and other details, our artist will cast it. At the same time, our sales manager will regularly provide feedback on the latest bronze horse statue’s progress in the form of pictures and videos or to you via online video.

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