Bronze Mermaid Statue
bronze large mermaid garden sculpture
Luxury Bronze Mermaid Statue Fountain Decor for Sale BOKK-793 (4)
Little mermaid art sculpture1
Original little mermaid on rock garden bronze statues for sale
Large mermaid and fish outdoor art decor sculpture
Bronze Famous Mermaid Statue for Outdoor Decoration
Large Outdoor Antique Bronze Mermaid and Dolphin Statues for Sale BOKK-
Fine Cast Bronze Mermaid Fountain For Pool
Life Size Bronze Mermaid Statues for Outside
Beautiful Bronze Mermaid with Dolphin Sculpture Seaside Decor BOKK-792
Custom Life Size Bronze Mermaid Statue for Sale BOK1-238
bronze mermaid statue

Our bronze mermaid statues have many styles, such as standing mermaid, sitting, lying mermaid, mermaid with dolphins, etc. Different colors, sizes, and styles are all customizable and are very suitable for placement in your outdoor garden, villa, castle, or manor.

The bronze mermaid statues are hand-cast by YouFine artists using the ancient and demanding traditional lost wax process. After 32 complex processes, each detail is highly polished according to your design, making the bronze mermaid statues lifelike and displaying their stunning appearance to the maximum extent.

Decorate your outdoors with a bronze mermaid to guard your fairy tale dreams.

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Sitting Bronze Mermaid Statue

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