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Outdoor light sculpture is loved by people for its brilliant effect at night. Coupled with the unique corrosion resistance, long life, and modern characteristics of stainless steel, outdoor light sculpture once became the darling of shopping malls, plazas, real estate projects, resorts, and villas, the darling of scenic spots, and has become the first choice for urban landmark landscapes.

YouFine factory was established in 1983 and has more than 40 years of experience in forging stainless steel outdoor light sculptures. We have undertaken many large-scale landmark projects and personal outdoor decoration projects. YouFine’s non-negligible strength and affordable prices make us the first choice for outdoor light sculpture factories.

Giant Outdoor Lighting Metal Tree Sculpture for Urban Decor (1)
Giant Stainless Steel Kelpies Horse Head Sculpture for Sale (2)
Outdoor Lighting Stainless Steel Tree Sculpture with Butterflies (8)
Outdoor Light Metal Whale Sculpture Night Feature Supplier CSS-641
Modern Metal Abstract Sculpture Outdoor Decor for Sale
Factory Supply Abstract Stainless Steel Urban Sculpture for Sale CSS-218

Find and buy quality outdoor light sculptures at our factory to create stunning outdoor landscapes. Our outdoor light sculptures include the large outdoor lighting metal tree sculpture, the outdoor lighting metal dandelion sculpture, the outdoor light metal whale sculpture, and other styles.

Outdoor light sculptures are forged from high-quality stainless steel and can be customized in various colors and sizes. Outdoor light sculptures are suitable for decorations such as shopping malls, lawns, parks, and gardens.

It is our mission to bring art into thousands of households. YouFine can provide you with a one-stop service, covering design, material selection, forging, packaging, delivery, transportation, installation, etc., so if you have any questions about stainless steel outdoor light sculptures, you could contact us directly. 

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YouFine Outdoor Light Sculpture Advantages

High Quality Guarantee:

YouFine chooses high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel as the raw material for outdoor light sculptures and uses stainless steel forging both internally and externally to ensure that the sculptures have impeccable sturdiness and anti-rust capabilities.

Impeccable Craftsmanship:

Our stainless steel outdoor light sculptures use pure hand cutting, seamless welding, and fine polishing processes to make each sculpture have smooth lines and exquisite details. At the same time, combined with an intelligent LED lighting system, it gives the sculptures a unique light and shadow charm at night.

Personalized Customization Service:

YouFine has a professional design team that provides one-on-one personalized customization services. Whether it is the shape, size, lighting effect, or integration of the sculpture with the environment, we can customize the design according to your specific needs to ensure that every outdoor light sculpture is a unique work of art.

Strict Quality Control:

From design to production to installation and acceptance, a strict quality management system is implemented throughout the process to ensure that the structure of the outdoor light sculpture is stable, the lighting effect is excellent, and it meets the high standards for long-term outdoor use.

Worry-free Shipping Worldwide:

We can provide you with packaging and transportation services for stainless steel outdoor light sculptures, regardless of region or country. We mainly use shipping, air, train, and other transportation methods, mainly by sea. We also support choosing the transportation method according to your needs.

Wide Application Scenarios:

Our stainless steel outdoor light sculptures are suitable for various public spaces and private places, including but not limited to parks, squares, commercial blocks, hotel lobbies, villa courtyards, etc., effectively enhancing the artistic beauty of the environment and creating urban landmarks and characteristic landscapes.

Environmentally Friendly :

All outdoor light sculptures use energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED light sources, which have high brightness, long life, and low energy consumption, which are in line with the concept of sustainable development. At the same time, the stainless steel material is recyclable, reducing the impact on the environment.

Perfect After-sales Service:

Our team provides a one-stop service from site installation to after-sales maintenance to solve any problems you have during use and ensure the good operation and lasting beauty of the outdoor light sculpture.

YouFine Outdoor Light Sculpture Completion Showcase

Questions You Might Care About

The price of outdoor light sculptures varies depending on the materials used, size, lighting system, the complexity of the style, whether it is customized, etc., but we can guarantee a more competitive price under the same quality conditions. For specific prices, you can ask our professional sales manager to provide you with a detailed price sheet.

Our outdoor light sculptures are of extremely high quality and can be used for hundreds of years with a long service life. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, rust-free, and adaptable to various harsh environments.

If you have a design, you could send it directly to our artist for forging. If there is no design, you could tell our designer the scene you need to place. Our designers will recommend suitable outdoor light sculptures and sizes based on your scene. Then, after you confirm the price, material, and other details with our sales manager, the artists will handcraft forging.

Usually, outdoor light sculptures take 20-35 days to complete, and transportation takes about 20-35 days, so a total of about 40-70 days is needed. For customized sculptures, the specific construction period can be confirmed with our sales manager.

Of course, our sales manager will provide you with the latest progress feedback through pictures or videos, or even video passes, so that you can understand the progress of outdoor light sculptures in real-time.

Due to the natural material properties of stainless steel, daily cleaning is relatively simple. Just wipe it directly with a soft towel or cotton cloth and mild water. Regular inspections are required for lighting components to ensure that the electrical systems are in good condition. If you need more professional maintenance guidance, you can consult our sales manager for detailed answers.

First of all, we will use double-layer protection for packaging, wrapping it with thick and soft foam and sponge on the inside, and packaging it in a standard 3cm wooden crate on the outside to ensure that the outdoor light sculptures arrive in good condition at your destination. Secondly, we will purchase full insurance for you to protect your rights. Finally, our sales manager will provide you with the latest logistics information in real-time to ensure the normal transportation progress of your sculpture.

Now you are invited to embark on this journey of art and life together by choosing our stainless steel outdoor light sculpture to illuminate the deep night sky and bring endless creativity and vitality to your outdoor space. Let us work together to integrate art into life, use the language of light to tell your unique story, and together create the starry imprint of your city.

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