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Bronze Standing Bear Sculpture for Outdoor Garden BOK1-328

YouFine has various bronze bear statues for you to select, like polar bears, brown bears, etc, perfect for homes, schools, and zoos, and support customized.







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At YouFine, we provide various styles of bronze bear statues and support customization. Contact us for a free quote and the latest bronze bear statue catalog!



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Various Clay Models:

Since the YouFine factory was founded in the 19th century, our artists have been devoted to studying the styles of bronze bear sculptures popular in the market and hand-casting various corresponding clay models. These clay models are kept in a special studio and can be used by you for free, saving you time and clay model costs.

Vivid Details:

The artists of the YouFine team have 40 years of experience in casting bronze bear statues. With their love for wild bears and their pursuit of excellence in sculpture, they first study the living habits of each bronze bear before casting it, and repeatedly polish every detail, thus creating the appearance with lifelike claws and expressions.

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Bronze Bear Statues Custom Size Service

Provide Customized Size Service:

You can customize the size of the bronze bear sculpture according to the application scenes. If it is placed in the garden, a life-size bronze bear statue or a bronze bear sculpture of about 1 m is more appropriate. If it is placed in a park or school, a large bronze bear sculpture like 2 m or 3 m is more suitable.

Provide Customized Design Service:

Our professional team of designers can customize the design of the bronze bear statue according to your preferences, whether in terms of posture, type, or details. Welcome you to provide us with ideas, or pictures, or work with us to create an exclusive design.

Bronze Bear Statues Custom Design Service
Bronze Bear Statues Custom Color Service

Provide Customized Color Service:

All of our bronze bear statues are hand-patina by artists. The artists are proficient in coloring and can ensure that the color of the bronze bear sculptures is even and long-lasting. They can make the corresponding color for you according to your needs to create different outdoor atmospheres for you.



The price of bronze bear sculptures varies according to style, size, whether it is customized, details requirements, etc. Our sales manager will recommend bronze bear statues at suitable prices for you based on your budget. Detailed quotation information can be obtained by contacting our sales manager.

Of course, a bronze bear sculpture, especially a large or life-size one for outdoor use, can decorate your indoor or outdoor space and bring joy to the people around you and your family. At the same time, as a work of art, its value will increase with time.

Different bronze bear statues have different sizes and weight information. You can send your favorite style to our sales manager, who will provide you with specific parameter information.

Our bronze bear sculptures are customizable, so no matter the size or style of your space, our designers will design a bronze bear sculpture that perfectly fits your application scenario.

We pack with thick soft foam, sponge, and standard 3cm wooden crates for double packing, and fix the outside with nails and ropes. Transportation is usually by sea, if you have high requirements on time, we can arrange fast transportation such as FedEx.

No, the maintenance of bronze bear statues is simple. Usually, you can use a soft cloth or a soft brush to gently clean the dust on the surface of the bronze bear sculpture, or you can wax it regularly to keep the gloss of the sculpture’s surface. Avoid using irritating detergents to damage the surface of the bronze sculpture.

It usually takes about 60-70 days, 20-25 days to reach your country, 20-25 days to reach your city, and another few days to reach your home. However, there will be differences in the choice of different modes of transportation such as sea, air, and train. We can provide you with a suitable plan based on your time needs.

You can send us the style, color, size, details, and other information of the bronze bear sculptures you like to our designers. Our designers will draw 3D drawings according to your needs and show the application effects. You can place an order after you are satisfied with the design. After placing an order, our artists will cast it and arrange delivery and transportation for you in time after completion.

First of all, YouFine is a direct sales factory, and you can visit our factory in Quyang County, Hebei Province at any time. Secondly, after you purchase, you can participate in the production process of the bronze bear sculptures, or our team will provide you with the latest progress feedback in real-time. Finally, we will purchase full insurance for you to ensure the safe arrival of your bronze bear statues.

YouFine has a dedicated after-sales team to serve you. We provide a one-stop service. After the bronze bear sculpture arrives, we can provide you with installation guidance or on-site installation services. For routine maintenance or any questions about the sculpture, you can consult us at any time. We will also give special discounts to customers who repurchase.

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