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Vividly Giant Jordan Buck Statue for Public
bronze deer statue
bronze raindeer statue
Vivid Bronze Whitetail Deer Sculpture for Sale
Life-Size Bronze Elk Statue A Majestic Addition to Your Space
Life Size Deer Statue Bronze Art Decoration for Outdoor BOK1-376
bronze moose statue -YouFine Sculpture
Exquisite Bronze Deer Sculpture Garden Decor Supplier BOK1-228
Elegance Life Size Elk Statue Bronze Animal Decor Supplier BOKK-698
Life-size Bronze Moose Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale BOK1-076
Life-size Bronze Deer Fighting Sculptures Outdoor Decor Supplier BOKK-277
Life Size Bronze Stag Statue Animals Garden Decor Supplier BOK1-028

Hundreds of bronze deer statues for you to choose from, like bronze stag heads, moose, reindeer, etc., are lifelike, beautiful, and delivered to your door.


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At YouFine, we provide various styles of bronze animal statues and support customization. Contact us for a free quote and the latest bronze animal statue catalog!



There are some bronze animal statue projects recently completed by YouFine Factory. As you can see, each bronze animal statue is a masterpiece of art, both lifelike details and natural colors are stunning.

Bronze Giraffe Sculptures
Bronze Multi Animal Sculpture
Jordan Buck Statue
Bronze Horse Statues
Bronze Elephant Sculpture
Bronze Deer Sculptures



With excellent craftsmanship and considerate service, YouFine bronze animal statues are sold to many countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, Spain, Mexico, etc. Because of their satisfaction with bronze animal statues, customers sent us many exquisite feedback pictures, and they hope to help customers who also need to buy bronze animal sculptures.



Rich Clay Models

Rich Clay Models:

Since the establishment of the factory in 1983, YouFine artists have hand-cast many bronze animal sculpture clay models, with a wide variety of categories, saving your costs and reducing waiting time. We have a special clay model room for management, which can ensure the integrity and longer service life of the clay model.

High-quality Bronze Raw Materials:

To ensure the high quality of bronze animal statues, we use high-quality bronze as raw materials, and the bronze content is as high as 80%. The thickness of bronze is also higher than that of peers. More importantly, zinc and tin are added to it to enhance the hardness of the bronze animal statue.

High-quality Bronze Raw Materials
Jordan Buck Statue

Artists with Exquisite Craftsmanship:

YouFine artist team has at least 20 years of experience in bronze animal casting, so they can cast the entire sculpture with just one photo. And they are precise in controlling the details. Whether it is the eagle’s feathers, the bear’s hair, or the horse’s eyes, they are all lifelike, thus achieving the unity of form and spirit.

Provide Customized Size Service:

You can customize the size of the bronze animal statue according to the actual application scene, such as gardens, farms, parks, resorts, zoos, etc., to achieve a perfect integration with the scene.

Provide Customized Size Service
Provide Customized Styles Service

Provide Customized Styles Service:

We have a top team of designers in the industry who can customize the styles of bronze animal statues according to your needs. We like the collision of various novel ideas. You are welcome to work with our designers.

Provide Customized Patina Service:

The patina is the soul of bronze animal statues. Appropriate, natural, and even patina can directly reflect the appearance of bronze animal statues. YouFine artists can match the color palette according to your needs for manual patina, and confirm with you during the patina process to ensure your satisfaction.

Provide Customized Patina Service
Reliable Packaging Method

Reliable Packaging Method:

For bronze animal sculptures, we use double-layer packaging. Thick sponge and soft foam are used inside, and 3 cm wooden crates are used outside for packaging. The wooden crates are fixed with nails and straps to ensure that your bronze animal statues arrive at the destination intact.



First, you need to determine the scene of use, such as indoor or outdoor. Second, determine your preference for bronze animal sculptures, such as whether you like wild or docile. Finally, determine the size of your scene. Our sales manager will provide you with the most suitable bronze animal statue based on the information you provide.

No, the maintenance of bronze animal statues is simple. Usually, you can use a soft cloth or a soft brush to gently clean the dust on the surface of the bronze animal sculpture, or you can wax it regularly to keep the gloss of the sculpture’s surface. Avoid using irritating detergents to damage the surface of the bronze sculpture.

The price of bronze animal sculptures varies according to style, size, whether it is customized, details requirements, etc. Our sales manager will recommend bronze animal statues at suitable prices for you based on your budget. Detailed quotation information can be obtained by contacting our sales manager.

It usually takes about 60-70 days, 20-25 days to reach your country, 20-25 days to reach your city, and another few days to reach your home. However, there will be differences in the choice of different modes of transportation such as sea, air, and train. We can provide you with a suitable plan based on your time needs, such as bronze animal statue stocks.

You can send us the style, color, size, details, and other information of the bronze animal sculptures you like to our designers. Our designers will draw 3D drawings according to your needs and show the application effects. You can place an order after you are satisfied with the design. After placing an order, our artists will cast it and arrange delivery and transportation for you in time after completion.

First of all, YouFine is a direct sales factory, and you can visit our factory in Quyang County, Hebei Province at any time. Secondly, after you purchase, you can participate in the production process of the bronze animal sculptures, or our team will provide you with the latest progress feedback in real-time. Finally, we will purchase full insurance for you to ensure the safe arrival of your bronze animal statues.

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