What’s the Commemorative Significance of Urban Sculpture?

The indoor and outdoor sculptures in the city and the large indoor and outdoor sculptures in public places outside the city belong to the urban sculpture, that is, the “public sculpture”.


Urban sculpture reflects the economic development and cultural development of a certain area from the side. The commercial streets, business districts, residential communities, tourist attractions, airports, docks, etc. Around the world, the sculpture landscape is used to adjust the atmosphere of the building space. In addition to large-scale commemorative sculptures, more are small and medium-sized urban sculptures. They are located in various parts of the city. Some of the sculptures have certain commemorative significance, but most of the sculptures are uniquely created. They reflect the cultural and spiritual world of the city in all aspects.

The commemorative sculpture landscape is the representative and backbone of the urban sculpture landscape. They commend and sing the characters who have made great contributions and achievements to the country and the nation in history. They are indispensable to the countries and eras, and are the embodiment of history. And manifestation. Events that have had a major impact in history have thus been etched and commemorated. In terms of connotation, these urban sculptures are infiltrated with the breath and pulse of the times, expressing the concepts and ideas of the ruling class at that time.

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Post time: Apr-12-2019
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