What’s the difference between the traditional bronze craft and our bronze craft price?

Our bronze materials, it could be saved for more than 100 years, it’s not a problem.

And the color is beautiful.

We can be sure that the quality of our very top, and after you ordered it, We’ll make 1 kili mold.

After you’re good for the clay mold, We will use silica salt to form the form:

As a rule, use the wax to make leads, this is the advantage of silia for you ref:

For precision casting (salt of method, the distinction between traditional casting method:

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(1) The mold of mold shall be replaced by silica gel. silica mould filmstone can show details, very good.

(for example, living with leaves of leaves, eyebrows, small wrists of clothes… )

(2) Before casting, we have to do something like sand.

Workers will, first, brush (salt, then make a very exqusite sand sticky on the surface,

Then the cheeks of silicon, then the sand is sticky… Repeat these seven times, every day, one layer, which means seven days to the end just in this part.

Very exqusite sand can gurantee much less than the hole on the surface of one bronze sculpture.

(3) In this updated method, the bronze liquid will surround the silicate salt, silica salt is not merely a chemical reaction to bronze.

But tarditional method, bronze fluid surrounded by ammonia. Ammonia is not stable as silicate salt.

Some bronze sculptures will be a little white pots and veins to the surface after 3 years.

That’s because ammonia.

(4) When the casting is in the car.

Temperature, heat, bronze-stable, it’ll be gurantee bronze-clean, not a lot of impurities.

In a traditional method, it is heated by coal, heat is not constant, Bronze fluid will include a number of impurities.

When the Polish surfaces of the final bronze sculpture, if more impurities, Easily turn our more holes on the surface.

This is the main advantage of the silica salt of the precision casting method.

And for this method, it will take about 45 steps to finish one bronze sculpture.

But in the traditional method, it may just need about 20 steps.

Measures, introduction a little time. If it’s not clear, don’t hesitate to ask us any time!

With regard to 11 songbirds of sculpture,

Our costs are in accordance with this method.

In this method, someday, you don’t see a big difference on the final surface, Especially for these sculptures, the brute surface.

But real quality will be high. However, a lot of costs will be needed.

So, the value is higher than traditional.

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