Outdoor Large Double Möbius Strip Stainless Steel Sculpture for Sale CSS-249

Double Möbius strip Details:

This large double Möbius strip stainless steel sculpture looks like an infinite loop. The biggest feature is the infinity, symbolizing hope and possibility. The highly polished metal silver-white luster is very attractive. Besides, a Möbius loop can be any size and shape. Möbius is widely used in mathematics, art and literature to play an important role. In the field of sculpture, it is also a very perfect decoration.



Infinity Meaning:

We always know that the Möbius strip as the source of infinity symbol. Like the normal loop, the ants crawling it and never reach the end. Besides, it always walks around one side. This is also the magic of Möbius. For this kind of large stainless steel sculpture, Möbius is perfectly applied to the sculpture, which is very novel. It can be a very beautiful iconic landmark.



High Polished:

This large double Möbius strip sculpture is highly polished with gloss. This is a great creation of highly polished. This classic metal sculpture. Each details of stainless steel sculptures are finely crafted, which ensures that our sculptures are very modern. Our professional masters have decades of experience. They are loyal to their careers and devote themselves to sculpture. Each stainless steel sculpture has its own unique personality and soul.



Packing Details:

Outer with 3 cm standard strong wooden crate, inner packing with thick blanket or soft foam to avoid scratching the outside. There are enough wood blocks to support the internal products. Around the wooden crate, we will use three strong straps to secure it. Shockproof foam padding guarantees every engraving. Moreover, we will also give away full insurance for free.


If you happen to like this sculpture, please feel free to contact with us!

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