Bronze Wild Boar Family Hunting Ground Statue for Sale

This bronze statue features a mother wild boar and a group of little wild boars. The whole statue presents a joyful and happy atmosphere.
  • Material:Bronze
  • Size:Life Size or Customized Size

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


High-Quality Bronze Wild Boar Statue

This wild boar statue is made of high-precision bronze. Our casting artists have made the most of the exquisiteness of bronze. The hair on each wild boar looks extremely soft. The casting of the little wild boar requires even higher precision. We not only provide high-quality raw materials but also provide a 1:1   clay model to ensure the similarity between the design drawing and the statue.


Bronze Wild Boar Family Statue-jpg

Bronze Wild Boar Family Statue

Perfect Integration of Man and Nature

This statue shows a mother’s wild boar running with her cubs. Each little wild boar has a different running posture. Some follow the steps of the mother wild boar slowly, and some fly directly into the air, like a group of naughty children running and playing together. The whole picture presented by this statue is extremely interesting.

bronze boar family statue-


Several Choices for You to Choose

We also have many other exquisite wild boar statues. If you like more courageous wild boars, you can refer to these statues. Each of them has different characteristics. We also provide personalized customization services. You can choose the statue you like. You can choose the size, posture, and details according to your needs and preferences. Our team will do our best to meet your requirements.



bronze boars statue

YouFine has cast many fabulous bronze animal statues. Our bronze animal statue series includes a variety of vivid animal images, from majestic lions to warm wild boar families, each piece is full of life and artistic appeal.

bronze animal statues bronze animal statues-jpg

If you are interested in our bronze animal statues, don’t hesitate, come to YouFine and pick your favorite animal statues.

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