White Marble Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue Outdoor Manufacturer CHS-291

This marble white Jesus statue with the Sacred Heart is a classic Catholic sculpture, affordable, factory direct, and suitable for outdoor places or private homes.
  • Item Number:CHS-291
  • Size:Customized
  • Material:Natural Marble
  • Delivery time:35 days
  • Packing:Wooden crate
  • Key words:life size jesus christ statue
  • Key words:life size religious statues catholic

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


This white Jesus statue is finely hand-carved from a single piece of natural marble. Jesus, with the Sacred Heart on his chest, opens his hands and looks down, fully demonstrating the holiness and piety of Jesus.

White Marble Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue

Marble Jesus Sculpture Introduction:

›› This hand-carved life-size marble white Jesus statue is put outdoors for decor. This sculpture is characterized by an exquisite carving of a heart on his chest, representing the heart of Jesus’ compassion for the world. In addition, the clothes of the marble Jesus sculpture are so realistic that we could see the folds of the sculpture’s clothes, the long and curly hair of Jesus, and so on.

›› What’s more, the arms of Jesus sculpture are raised high, as if calling and comforting his followers. We used white grade-A marble material to create this sculpture, which adds more sacredness to this Sacred Heart Jesus sculpture. If your family needs this marble religious sculpture, please feel free to contact us.

White Marble Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue Details

Why Do People Like Jesus Statue?

›› The marble white Jesus statue is one of the classic religious figure sculptures often sold by the YouFine factory, he is widely popular in various countries around the world, do you know the story about Jesus?

›› Jesus is one of the personalities of the Triune God and is called the Son or the Son of God. Jesus is said to have taken on flesh to save mankind from sin, and willingly became the Son of God. He was willing to be crucified as a sacrifice for the salvation of mankind. Jesus received eternal honor after suffering on behalf of mankind. People began to believe that calling on Jesus would lead to eternal life.

Marble Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue

Various White Marble Sacred Heart of Jesus Statues

More Choices for Marble Religious Statues:

YouFine Factory is an excellent supplier of marble sculptures, we have been exporting beautiful marble religious statues all over the world for 39 years. Until today, we have created hundreds of different types of marble religious figures sculptures. We have different shapes of marble Virgin Mary statues, marble Jesus statues, saint statues, marble angel statues, and so on. If you have any piece of sculpture you like, we could recommend you a beautiful and reasonably priced artwork. We are confident that YouFine’s work would meet your needs.

more marble saint statues  

YouFine’s Team of Sculptors Artists:

››YouFine is very good at making marble religious sculptures, and it is worth mentioning that we have cooperated with many church projects in various countries and regions of the world. More and more clients have recognized and appreciated YouFine’s religious sculptures.

›› The most notable thing is that YouFine has a professional religious sculpture department with artists from Quyang, the home of Chinese sculpture, and each top artist has decades of sculpting experience. In addition, the carving artists in this department are all religious believers who have studied the details and features of religious figures for years and could portray the essence of the figures.

YouFine's Team of Sculptors Artists

What Can YouFine Do for You?

We are a factory located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, the famous sculpture hometown in China. We have a history of more than 40 years and can provide you with a one-stop service. From the initial design of the white Jesus statue to the selection of marble materials to the artist’s fine carving, progress feedback, packaging and shipment, and localized installation, a series of processes are completed for you in one stop.

What Can YouFine Do for You

youfine marble religious statues instllation feedback

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youfine marble religious projects

YouFine Factory is a supplier who does carving with heart, we are responsible for every sculpture and provide rich information for every customer. We are always waiting for your inquiry.

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