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  • Item NO: MOKK-590
  • Material: Natural Marble
  • Min. Order Quantity:  1 Piece
  • Min. Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Insurance: Cover All the Risk
  • Package: Strong Wooden Crate
  • Delivery: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union
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    Brief Introduction of 2 Tiered White Marble Water Fountains

    The style of 2 tiered white marble water fountains are stunning water creatures for garden decor. The overall decor is tasteful and restrained decorating the square, park, communities, parks and other occasions. Besides, the floral base, stepped pillar and carving bowls make the fountains simple and elegant. You don’t have to worry about it out of fashion always. The classical decoration sends out a refined atmosphere.   https://www.artsculpturegallery.com/products/marble-sculpture/marble-fountain/   In our daily life, 2 tiered white marble water fountains become more and more popular. You could see it in large shopping malls, schools, squares and other places. It brings us different life experience, beautifies the environment and purifies the air at the same time. As the name suggests, marble water fountains is the combination of stone carving and fountain. Therefore, the combination of sculpture and fountain can better achieve the effect of decoration.   https://www.artsculpturegallery.com/products/marble-sculpture/marble-fountain/    

    More Product about White Marble Water Fountains

    Apart from two tiered white marble water fountains, there are also other kinds of white marble fountains. For example, animal water fountains, music fountains, rotating water fountain, multiple tiers water features… The type and size could be customized according to customer’s specific needs. And we also offer the free test water service before package. More than that, You-Fine provides installation drawing pictures of water fountains to customers.  


    About Our Factory

    This outdoor tiered white marble water fountains is made by our factory- the hometown of sculptures- Quyang. Developed from Han Dynasty, flourished in the Tang Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty, the carving techniques have been handed down in Quyang for thousands years. Therefore, the carving techniques are passed down from generations to generations. The craftsman in our factory is not only carving with quality, but also with heart. Therefore, countless fine carvings and the magnificent work of art are produced from our factory.Anytime more than welcome to visit our factory!   https://www.artsculpturegallery.com/products/marble-sculpture/marble-fountain/

    about youfine YouFine art and sculpture is a leading sculpture factory and exporter in Quyang County, which is known as the land of sculpture. And we are specialized in making hand-carved marble sculpture, life-size bronze sculpture, stainless steel sculpture and cast iron products. We have professional work group and designers. Your final product will not be finished until you have approved it completely.  1. We welcome customized designs and sizes. We have a professional design team who can accommodate any custom project need. Exclusive mold studio and free model for use. We will try our best to satisfy your unique project requirements.  2. To track your product progress, we will provide you photos at each important step in the process. You will clearly know how your sculptures are made in each production process.  3. Good package and full insurance to cover all the risks during shipping. If something is damaged during the shipping, we will do our best to quickly send you a replacement. Door to door delivery is also available. 4. The biggest difference between us and others is our commitment to the top quality in every aspect. From our skilled masters with sculpting for decades, to our strict QC team, we don’t make delivery until you are satisfied. Making sculptures with heart, and doing it well are our lifetime goal. You are more than welcome to visit our factory! Looking forward to receiving your feedback photos or videos on YouFine sculptures!



    Visible Quality, Professional Service.


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