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  • Item No: FOKK-019
  • Material: High-quality Fiberglass and Steel Material
  • Min. Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Insurance: Cover All the Risk
  • Package: Strong Wooden Crate
  • Delivery: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
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    Royal Carriage Introduction:

    This royal horse carriage is a historical British royal excursion carriage. The entire carriage is covered with royal crests, coats of arms, and symbols, all of which have been approved by the Royal College of Heralds. Of course, this horse drawn carriage replica would bring a striking effect to any scenic spot, especially large events.

    Royal Horse Carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    Original Royal Horse Carriage Description:

    This luxurious original royal horse carriage “Britannia” was a gift from Australia to the Queen of England. The designer claimed that Britannia had more gold on it than any other vehicle built in Britain in the last two hundred years. The car was on grand display at Prince waniam’s wedding.

    The original royal carriage was a stunning example of the British royal family’s exclusive use of transportation. It has appeared on many important occasions in the UK: for example, state visits, royal weddings, and at the opening of Parliament.

    royal horse carriage -YouFine Sculpture

    Queen Elizabeth and her carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    Horse Drawn Carriage Production Advantages:

    1. The main body of the car is a high-quality steel frame. It is very strong and not easy to deform, and its statues on the surface use high-quality resin materials.

    cinderella pumpkin horse drawn carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    2. Purely hand-welded, and carefully polished, each sculpture is very beautiful and gorgeous.

    statue details-YouFine Sculpture

    exquisite carvings on carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    3.YouFine has more than 20 years of carriage production experience. We are able to grasp the size and proportion, of the production of smooth and elegant carriage lines.

    Royal Horse drawn Carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    4. YouFine could provide independent design, and the performance parameters are in line with international standards.

    5. Quality control (testing of carriages before shipment), all photos and videos of the production process are shared with customers, and shipment would be arranged only after the confirmation.

    high-grade automotive paint-YouFine Sculpture

    6. Most of YouFine’s carriages are mainly electric vehicles, which are conducive to environmental protection and energy saving. And electric carriage technology reduces noise and safety problems. What’s more, this electric-driven carriage is cheaper and conducive to bulk orders.

    details display-YouFine Sculpture

    YouFine Provides Services:

    (1) First-class independent design capability and customer support to providing samples for reference.

    (2) Customization: Customers provide pictures and ideas, and we provide professional design drawings.

    (3) According to customer needs, the carriage could be installed with car audio or other players. Music could be played in the car, and the volume supports adjustment.

    (4) according to customer needs, YouFine could also be added to the carriage cooling and heating system.

    soft Sofa Seat-YouFine Sculpture

    Various Carriage Styles Introduction:

    We offer a variety of excursion carriage designs and production for weddings, proms, festivals, anniversaries, and major events. Here are a few popular styles for your reference.

    European-style Horse Carriage: European-style carriage is more beautiful from the appearance, the body exudes a dignified and gorgeous temperament. This European-style carriage is widely used in travel and tourism and wedding venues.

    European-style Horse Carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    Royal Horse Carriage: golden carriage is a wonderful way to create a fairy tale world, the car looks like an exquisite atmosphere. The pony’s streamlined body makes the seat more comfortable. In addition, the royal carriage seat is higher than other cars, and sitting in the carriage would able to enjoy more scenery.

    royal horse carriage

    gold Royal Horse Carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    Pumpkin Horse Carriage: also known as the cinderella pumpkin horse drawn carriage, could accommodate up to 2-5 people. Fairy tale princess dream would be realized at this moment. Cinderella went to the ball in the pumpkin carriage and got happy. Therefore, the pumpkin horse carriage is very popular in tourist visits and wedding photography.

    white Horse Carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    Pumpkin Horse Carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    Wedding Horse Carriage: wedding horse drawn carriage would bring a more upscale atmosphere to your wedding venue. In addition, the top and surroundings of the carriage could be decorated with beautiful bouquets of flowers.

    Wedding Horse Carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    White Wedding Horse Carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    Parade Floats: Parade floats are in a variety of shapes and bright and rich colors, and are usually used in theme parks, amusement parks, major holiday events, or performing arts shows. In fact, the float itself is also part of the show. Usually, the actors would dress up or even cosplay to meet the theme of the festival, and stand on the float to perform to music. A beautiful and grand float could easily arouse the interest of visitors and bring a joyful atmosphere to the event.

    Parade Floats-YouFine Sculpture

    How to Maintain a Horse Drawn Carriage:

    Horse drawn carriage carriages, like cars, require regular maintenance during use to have a longer life.

    Tire maintenance: we make the royal carriage using solid rubber tires, wear-resistant, high temperature resistance, and other advantages, a service life of more than ten years. But the axle part still needs frequent maintenance, often check whether there is dirt, and add lubricant in time to reduce wear and tear during use.

    strong tires-YouFine Sculpture

    Sofa Seat maintenance: the horse drawn carriage is equipped with leather seats, it is recommended to lay a layer of cushions on the sofa to prevent the use of high frequency of wear and tear caused by the sofa.

    soft Sofa Seat-YouFine Sculpture

    Carriage paint maintenance: we make the surface of the royal horse carriage using high-grade automotive paint, glossy and durable and not easy to fade. YouFine recommends that once a year the carriage be repainted, which could also extend the life of the carriage.

    British royal excursion carriage-YouFine Sculpture

    Carriages of all kinds are becoming popular and YouFine could meet your requirements for any scenario. If you too want a horse drawn carriage that is well priced and beautifully styled, YouFine is the perfect choice for you.

    about youfine YouFine art and sculpture is a leading sculpture factory and exporter in Quyang County, which is known as the land of sculpture. And we are specialized in making hand-carved marble sculpture, life-size bronze sculpture, stainless steel sculpture and cast iron products. We have professional work group and designers. Your final product will not be finished until you have approved it completely.  1. We welcome customized designs and sizes. We have a professional design team who can accommodate any custom project need. Exclusive mold studio and free model for use. We will try our best to satisfy your unique project requirements.  2. To track your product progress, we will provide you photos at each important step in the process. You will clearly know how your sculptures are made in each production process.  3. Good package and full insurance to cover all the risks during shipping. If something is damaged during the shipping, we will do our best to quickly send you a replacement. Door to door delivery is also available. 4. The biggest difference between us and others is our commitment to the top quality in every aspect. From our skilled masters with sculpting for decades, to our strict QC team, we don’t make delivery until you are satisfied. Making sculptures with heart, and doing it well are our lifetime goal. You are more than welcome to visit our factory! Looking forward to receiving your feedback photos or videos on YouFine sculptures!



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