Hand Carved Marble Fireplace Mantel Surround House Decor for Sale MOKK-767

Marble Fireplace Mantel Surround Details:

This beautiful hand carved marble fireplace mantel surround has the wonderful appearance. Using high-quality natural marble, this modern marble fireplace has very detailed carvings. Each fireplace leg has grooves with delicate flower shapes carved on it. There is also a row of curved flower-shaped decorations on the fireplace shelf, which is very beautiful. This finely carved marble fireplace surround kit is a perfect complement to home decoration.



Quality Natural Marble:

YouFine all marble fireplace mantel surrounds are hand-carved from pure natural marble. Grade A marble also guarantees that our fireplaces can be used for hundreds of years without damaged. It is hard to imagine that how talented the masters are. They are all with decades of experience to carve perfect patterns. The carved details are also very lifelike and very realistic. Quality marble makes quality products.



Installation Guidance:

When you receive your desiring marble fireplace, the first thing comes to mind maybe the installations. Because the fireplace is shipped with several parts, most customers will encounter installation problems. Don’t worry, YouFine takes all into considerations including the installation. We will have detailed free installation drawings for you. In addition, the master will conduct a trial installation before shipment, to better make your installation smoother.



Marble Fireplace Gallery:

YouFine offers all kinds of marble fireplace mantel surround designs. For the traditional designs, there are Victoria antique white marble fireplace, St Louis French fireplace black marble, Georgia fireplace mantel surround, Gothic Tudor English fireplace mantel etc. Nowadays, some modern contemporary fireplaces are also very popular. Name your favorite, we can make you exactly the same style for you.



Choose your favorite styles, and make your own marble fireplace designs!
We can make anything you like!


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