» Customized White Marble Fireplace Mantel for Home Decoration MOKK-905

Product Overview:

  • Item No.: MFP-02
  • Size: W59”, H47“or Customized Size.
  • Material: Hunan White marble
  • Technique: Art-Quality Hand Carved, Polished
  • Min. Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Insurance: Cover All the Risk
  • Package: Strong Wooden Crate
  • Delivery: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union
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    Fireplace Introduction

    The white marble fireplace mantel is in French style and hand-carved by our top masters. It deserves to buy because its craft is very exquisite, which adds a sense of sophistication to your home. This is a classic marble French fireplace. The curves of this style of the fireplace are exquisite and look very symmetrical. The most important thing is that the frame of the fireplace is carved with rich carvings, which looks more elegant and thus has a good decorative effect. The door and legs of the fireplace have a certain arc, which looks more luxurious and attractive. This fireplace combines the advantages of a herbal fireplace and a French fireplace and is a very popular style among our customers. 

    Customized White Marble Fireplace Mantel for Home Decoration MOKK-905


    The Value of Fireplace

    With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, fireplace surround has gradually become decorative objects. The marble fireplace surround is considered the most visually stunning of all fireplaces available today. It could add a different vibe to the entire interior. Our factory combines marble carvings with fireplaces, with various styles and beautiful appearances, which are welcomed and favored by people. According to different styles, fireplaces are divided into simple fireplaces, Georgian fireplaces, French fireplaces, etc. Many people install fireplaces in their homes, and this exquisite decoration could add beauty and warmth to the house. If you often entertain guests at home, the beauty of the marble mantel would attract the attention of many guests. If you buy one that matches the style of your interior, it would become the focal point of your room.

    custom marble fireplace surround -YouFine Sculpture


    Professional Hand Carved Technology

    Our white marble fireplaces are carved from pure natural marble material. And unlike spliced fireplaces some factories make, our products are hand-carved from a single block of stone by our top masters. These artists come from Quyang, the hometown of sculpture in China. They have learned professional carving techniques since childhood and are proficient in various styles of fireplace carving. What’s more, these experienced masters would design a fireplace that could be flexibly disassembled according to the needs of customers, which is more convenient for your use. We believe that our beautiful fireplaces would add more beauty to your home.

    hand carved top masters-YouFine Sculpture

    marble fireplace mantel


    The Advantage of Making Fireplace

    Our factory has nearly 40 years of experience in making fireplaces, and the details and carvings of fireplaces are exquisite. It is worth mentioning that 70% of the fireplaces in China come from Quyang, the hometown of sculpture. We are a professional supplier and could meet all the needs of customers. First of all, our fireplaces would be customized according to the needs of the customer’s installation site. Second, our fireplaces have standard packaging, each layer of which is wrapped with a thick sponge. Before delivery, we would conduct a trial installation to ensure that there is no problem with the size and installation, and then we would arrange delivery. It is worth mentioning that we would provide free movable panels to facilitate the installation of fireplace cores by customers later.

    strong package-YouFine Sculpture


    More Options for White French Fireplace

    This white French fireplace has been widely welcomed by our customers. Our factory has produced many marble French fireplaces of the same style. It is worth mentioning that the style of our fireplaces is customizable. Many customers will adapt the original design to achieve its ideal style. The carvings, colors, and sizes of our marble fireplaces can all be adjusted to suit your needs. All of our products are available with realistic factory photos. You can also refer to other exquisite fireplaces in our factory to choose the fireplace you like best. The marble fireplaces we make will not disappoint you in terms of both shape and quality.

    You Fine Sculpture have all kinds of the fireplace. According to the elements, We have figure fireplace, animal fireplace, flower fireplace, and over mental. According to the style, we have French fireplace, English fireplace, Georgia fireplace, regent fireplace, Victoria fireplace, etc. No matter the modern simple fireplace or large antique luxury fireplace, any fireplace you want could be found in You Fine. We have focused on this area for more than 30 years, and offer installation diagrams, directions, and the best after-sale service.

    White Marble Fireplace Mantel -YouFine Sculpture


    Why choose Youfine

    Receiving acclaim from homeowners, interior designers, architects, and retailers, European Home Fireplaces offers some of the most contemporary designs on the market when it comes to specialty heating. By proving with each product just how much a minimalist approach can shape a room, European Home Fireplaces stands as a hallmark of fresh design and originality.

    french style fireplace surrounds -YouFine Sculpture

    If you want this marble fireplace, please contact us quickly, We are a direct factory so we could give you a favorable price. Looking forward to your purchase.

    about youfine YouFine art and sculpture is a leading sculpture factory and exporter in Quyang County, which is known as the land of sculpture. And we are specialized in making hand-carved marble sculpture, life-size bronze sculpture, stainless steel sculpture and cast iron products. We have professional work group and designers. Your final product will not be finished until you have approved it completely.  1. We welcome customized designs and sizes. We have a professional design team who can accommodate any custom project need. Exclusive mold studio and free model for use. We will try our best to satisfy your unique project requirements.  2. To track your product progress, we will provide you photos at each important step in the process. You will clearly know how your sculptures are made in each production process.  3. Good package and full insurance to cover all the risks during shipping. If something is damaged during the shipping, we will do our best to quickly send you a replacement. Door to door delivery is also available. 4. The biggest difference between us and others is our commitment to the top quality in every aspect. From our skilled masters with sculpting for decades, to our strict QC team, we don’t make delivery until you are satisfied. Making sculptures with heart, and doing it well are our lifetime goal. You are more than welcome to visit our factory! Looking forward to receiving your feedback photos or videos on YouFine sculptures!



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