Large abstract metal sculpture Jeff Koons hanging heart CSS-981

  • Item No::CSS-981
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Tech:Polished

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Introduction of Jeff Koons hanging heart
In 2007, Jeff Koons’ “Hanging heart (magenta/ gold)” was sold to the dealer Larry Gagosian at auction for $23 million.

Now, a series of works from the artist’s heart-“Hanging heart (gold/ magenta)”-can be seen directly at the Crystal Bridge American Art Museum, which today announced its acquisition from the artist.The stainless steel heart, 9.5 feet wide, hangs from the ceiling of Eleven, a museum restaurant.This 3000-weight piece of art needs an engineer to install it.

jeff koon art heart design-2


More about Jeff Koons hanging heart

A CBM press release said the work was one of five versions created by Quence, each with a different transparent color coating.However, before it was sold directly to Crystal Bridge in 2013, it was the only work retained by the artist.The hanging heart-shaped sculptures are part of the “celebrate” series, which began in 1994 to reflect the various celebrations of life.Other works in the series include famous balloon dogs, diamonds and broken eggs, each of which has five unique versions.Other color combinations with heart-shaped patterns include red and gold ribbons, magenta and gold, blue and silver, and purple and gold.”

“balloon dog”, you’ll remember, when it was hung in Versailles, it caused quite a stir in France.

Quins and museum curator Don Brasilubi commented on the auction at a news conference:

Large Abstract Metal Sculpture Jeff Koons Hanging Heart


Jeff koons artwork hanging heart

“The hanging heart is, after all, a symbol of warmth, humanity, spirituality and romance.” I’m happy to be able to show this important piece in a place in the United States where the sculpture will interact with the public,” Mr. Quins said. It gives many people an opportunity to enjoy their work in a space that is not only romantic, but spiritual and transcendent. “

Jeff Koons hanging heart


Advantage of large abstract metal sculpture
◆Fine Art Packing
◆30-year Factory Guarantee
◆Detailed installation drawings
◆Free CAD/3D design service
◆Best After-sale service
◆Door-to-door delivery 



Our Large Abstract Metal Sculpture Jeff Koons Hanging Heart comes in a variety of vibrant colors, including blue, pink, and purple. To achieve these colors, we use automotive paint spray, electroplating, or powder coating. This results in a glossy, captivating finish that adds to the sculpture’s visual appeal. 

Our team takes great care in the color selection process, ensuring that each hue complements the sculpture’s design and reflects Jeff Koons’ vision. The use of automotive paint spray not only provides a stunning finish but also offers durability and resistance to wear and tear.

In addition to the spray paint technique, we also employ electroplating and powder coating methods for some of our sculptures. Electroplating involves coating the metal with a layer of another metal, such as chrome or gold, to achieve a metallic sheen. Powder coating, on the other hand, involves applying a dry powder to the surface and then baking it to create a hard, protective layer.

Overall, our use of these different coloring techniques results in a stunning, eye-catching sculpture that is sure to captivate any viewer.

Large Abstract Metal Sculpture Jeff Koons Hanging Heart Large Abstract Metal Sculpture Jeff Koons Hanging Heart (1) Large Abstract Metal Sculpture Jeff Koons Hanging Heart



Why choose Youfine
Why Choose You Fine
You Fine Art Co., Ltd is one of the Leading manufacturers and exporters, which is specialized in sculpture productions over 30 years. Our Fathers did the hand carved sculptures for the Royal Garden (eg. The Summer Palace, The Forbidden City ect.), the Young Generation inherit the skills, so our town–Qu Yang, which is well known as “The Root of China Sculpture” 

Production process




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