Large Cast Bronze Octopus Sculpture for Outdoor Decor

This large bronze octopus sculpture has realistic details, vivid colors, and textures, and supports various patina options, suitable for seaside park decors.
  • Item No.:BOK1-267
  • Material:High-quality Bronze
  • Price:$1,099.00-$2,899.00

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


With its deep and simple bronze color, this bronze octopus sculpture shows the fusion of natural marine life art and modern aesthetics. The bronze octopus sculpture captures the agile moment of the octopus in detail: the entire octopus seems to be lying leisurely on a rugged stone slab.

Its many powerful tentacles are cleverly extended; some are firmly attached to the rock surface, and some follow the wind swayed in the air, like a symphony of life being performed, showing the endless vitality and wisdom of the octopus.

Large Cast Bronze Octopus Sculpture for Outdoor Decor (8)

Bronze Octopus Sculpture Application:

This bronze octopus sculpture is a work of art and a concrete representation of the mysterious exploration of the ocean world. As one of the most intelligent invertebrates in the ocean, the octopus symbolizes flexibility, adaptability, and survival wisdom.

Placing the large bronze octopus sculpture in outdoor spaces, such as the front door of a luxury hotel, a private outdoor garden, a marine theme park, or a seaside resort, can add to the natural marine atmosphere and can inspire people to think about protecting marine life, becoming a highlight that attracts people to stop and admire.

Bronze Octopus Sculpture Application

Enjoy Beauty of Artistic Personality:

To meet the individual needs of different customers, YouFine provides a wealth of customization options, including but not limited to the overall style, patina color, size, and selection of materials for the bronze octopus sculpture.

For example, you want a bronze octopus sculpture lying on the ground, a bronze octopus sculpture decorated in a fountain, a dark blue bronze octopus sculpture, an octopus sculpture hanging on the wall, a large stainless steel octopus sculpture, etc.

Our designers would combine your inspiration and bring it to life using CAD and 3D sketching technicals.

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Traditional Lost Wax Process:

This bronze octopus sculpture is hand-cast by experienced and skilled artists, using traditional lost-wax casting processes that have been passed down for thousands of years. The artist relies on precise hand skills and a deep understanding of octopus creatures to make the octopus’s head, curved tentacles, and eyes appear lifelike. Every inch of the bronze octopus sculpture surface embodies the spirit of craftsmanship. After high-temperature smelting and cooling, it is finally condensed into an unreplicable art treasure.

Large Bronze Octopus Sculpture in YouFine Factory (2) Large Bronze Octopus Sculpture in YouFine Factory

Create Your Dream Ocean Kingdom:

In addition to this distinctive bronze octopus sculpture, we have a wide range of well-made bronze sea life sculptures for you to choose from. For example, bronze turtle sculpture, bronze dolphin sculpture, bronze shark sculpture, bronze swordfish sculpture, etc.

YouFine artists record the various forms of marine life in bronze and move them from the vast ocean to your living space to create a dream ocean theme for you and realize your dream ocean kingdom.

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Allows You to Install Easily:

For bronze octopus sculptures of different sizes, such as life-size, large, and extra-large bronze octopus sculptures, our team could provide you with a localized installation team to facilitate the installation of your bronze octopus sculptures and connect the bronze octopus sculptures with your scene blends perfectly.

Large Bronze Octopus Sculpture Local Installation Service

If you are interested in our bronze octopus sculpture or other marine life sculptures, you could send us an inquiry directly. The more the quantity, the more favorable the price would be!


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