Life Size Bronze 3 Servicemen Vietnam Memorial Statue Replica for Sale

This lifelike bronze Vietnam memorial statue replica named 3 Servicemen statue is hand-cast by our artists using the traditional lost wax process.
  • Item No.:BOKK-55
  • Material:Grade A Bronze
  • Size:Life Size or Customized

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


This bronze Vietnam memorial statue replica vividly shows the heroic appearance of the 3 servicemen statue. It is affordable and has high appreciation and art collection value.

Three Serviceman Vietnam Memorial Statue Details:

The classic heroic 3-servicemen Vietnam Veterans Memorial replica statue depicts the soldiers serving in Vietnam. These three bronze statues of soldiers show amazing details and are powerful sculptures to commemorate Vietnamese veterans. They stand upright among the trees and seem to appear in the woods. The three soldiers are in rumpled trousers, one man with a hat on his head carrying a spear, and bullets on his chest. Everyone has a dignified face and wears a back jacket. Their uniforms and weaponry have very realistic details.

Three Serviceman Vietnam Memorial Statue

Bronze Vietnam Memorial Statue Details 

Vietnam Memorial Statue Replica Introduction:

This bronze Vietnam Memorial statue replica, named the 3 Servicemen statue, was built in 1984 as part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Hall to commemorate Vietnam veterans. The original artist was Frederick Hart, who spent two and a half years completing the statue.
The statue is eight feet tall overall. The prototypes of the 3 servicemen statues are white, African-American, and Hispanic respectively, representing the diversity of the American nation. The models chosen by the author are all young because the average age of soldiers killed in the Vietnam War was 22 years old. He hopes to highlight the cruelty of war and the huge sacrifices made by soldiers through this contrast between youth and war weapons.

Vietnam Memorial Statue Replica Introduction

Provide Professional Customized Services:

We have been specializing in the casting of bronze military sculptures for more than 40 years and have professional designers and artists teams. The size, and style of this Vietnam Memorial statue replica can be changed according to your needs, or if you have your design, our artists could cast it directly for you and ensure that it is as similar to the design in the biggest degree.

Provide Professional Customized Services

Realistic Clay Models:

Our factory has many clay models of bronze military sculptures, including different sizes and styles. These clay models are very lifelike, whether it is the folds of clothes, the hair of the figures, or the ears, they make you feel just like real people. It is such high-quality bronze clay models that guarantee the final effect of the Vietnam Memorial statue replica, so the level of our artists is worthy of your trust.

Realistic Clay Models

More Bronze Military Designs:

YouFine military sculptures have a variety of bronze military statues. The most classic fallen soldier battle cross statue, Civil War soldier sculpture, Vietnam War sculpture, air force sculpture, navy sculpture, and so on. If you have a favorite bronze military sculpture, you can also see it from the museum. Send us a multi-angle picture to customize it for you.

More Bronze Military Statues

more bronze military sculptures

Responsible Top Artists:

When casting the three soldiers’ Vietnam Veterans memorial statue replica, our responsible top masters put a lot of effort into it. Firstly, they watch a series of movie plots from the Vietnam War. Then, going to the museum to see some military equipment. Finally, after a deep understanding of military warfare, they began to make clay molds and cast bronze. In the end, there is an excellent bronze masterpiece.

3 servicemen statue

YouFine Bronze Patina Color Options

These three soldiers’ Vietnam Veterans memorial statue replica is cast in bronze. Its surface is the most classic bronze, the color change is very subtle. YouFine provides a variety of classic and rich patina options. For military-themed sculptures, it is best to use a more antique bronze color. Below are some common colors for bronze sculptures for you to choose from.

more color choices

Feedback From Different Customers:

Since our establishment 40 years ago, we have received feedback from countless customers, some of which are shown below.
The first one is the Tuskegee Airmen statue. The customer came with his design. He hoped that we could perfectly restore the four pilot sculptures in the photo. The result was obvious and the customer was very satisfied.


The second was feedback from an American customer. The customer himself was a soldier and was very interested in this sculpture, so he came to us to customize this bronze military sculpture.


The third is also feedback from an American customer. In the sculpture, the soldier wears long boots, holds a gun in his hand, and has a firm look in his eyes.


The fourth is feedback from a British customer. The photo shows a bronze soldier sculpture kneeling on one knee and touching his forehead with one hand to commemorate the soldiers who died in the war.

Therefore, if you are interested in our bronze Vietnam memorial statue replica or other bronze military statues, what are you waiting for? You could contact us directly. Our factory has enough strength to help you cast satisfactory bronze military statues.

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