Outdoor Lighting Metal Dandelion Sculpture for Sale CSS-295

Handmade from high-quality stainless steel, this lighting metal dandelion sculpture has diverse styles, support customization, and global shipping.
  • Item No.:CSS-295
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Size:As Requirement

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


The metal dandelion sculpture is an artwork forged of high-quality stainless steel. It uses exquisite modern craftsmanship to create the appearance of a dandelion fluttering lightly in the wind and is cleverly integrated into the LED lighting design to make it emit a soft and bright light at night.

Metal Dandelion Light Sculpture Details:

This large outdoor LED lighting metal dandelion sculpture is very beautiful! The dandelion flowers clustered in the bushes appear to be very shining. Very suitable for outdoor parks, squares, shopping centers, pedestrian streets, and children’s amusement park decoration. YouFine’s fascinating and energetic creation of fairy tale sculptures, these sculptures seems to be dancing in the wind. It will become a highlight of urban decoration.
https://www.artsculpturegallery.com/products/stainless-steel-scuplture/stainless-steel-abstract-sculpture/ https://www.artsculpturegallery.com/products/stainless-steel-scuplture/stainless-steel-abstract-sculpture/ https://www.artsculpturegallery.com/products/stainless-steel-scuplture/stainless-steel-abstract-sculpture/
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Stainless Steel Dandelion Sculpture Symbol:

The lighting stainless steel dandelion sculpture vividly interprets the tenacity and hope of life with its unique artistic expression. The stainless steel material symbolizes perseverance and spiritual quality, dandelion’s furry seeds symbolize the spread of dreams and hopes, as well as the infinite possibilities of life. Therefore, the dandelion sculpture is also suitable for post-disaster reconstruction and revitalization and creates beauty whish.

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More Dandelion Light Sculptures:

Our team has forged stainless steel lighting sculptures for many real estate projects. Among them, regarding metal dandelion sculptures, we have many styles and varieties. There are dense dandelion sculptures, more scattered dandelion sculptures, spherical dandelion sculptures, and star-shaped dandelion sculptures, and they can be matched with different light colors, which will bring different night effects and complement the surrounding environment.

Stainless Steel Sculpture Luminous Methods:

This outdoor lighting metal dandelion sculpture is a work that combines stainless steel sculpture and lighting. Generally, there are two forms of stainless steel sculpture lighting. One is internal light-emitting, which is hollowed out of stainless steel sculpture, and the light source is installed inside, and the light source is exposed through the hollow part to achieve the hollowing lighting effect; The other is an outer glow and light bulb is installed on the surface of the sculpture to achieve light. Relatively speaking, stainless steel sculptures with internal luminescence are more common.


Stunning Night Lighting Effect:

Generally, you can see this light-transmitting sculpture at the entrance of a shopping mall or in a residential area. Traditional stainless steel sculptures can only be viewed during the day while lighting metal dandelion sculptures can be viewed during the day and night. The main focus is the night scene, and when the power is turned on at night, it is the time for effect. When making, you can also use color-changing lights, and the lights emitted by the dandelion sculpture at night can continuously change colors, and the effect is better.
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Customer Feedback Picture Sharing:

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers about our lighting stainless steel dandelion sculptures. What is shown is the sharing from customers in Trinidad. As can be seen from the pictures, the metal dandelion sculpture has amazing effects when used in actual scenes. Through these real and vivid feedback pictures, we are more confident to provide high-quality and high-grade sculpture artworks to more customers.

Customer Feedback Picture Sharing of Outdoor Lighting Metal Dandelion Sculpture


1. Could it be customized?
A: Of course, it could be customized. We have top designers and world-class artists in the industry who could provide you with customized service of stainless steel dandelion sculptures to help you realize any creativity.

2. Could it be delivered to your door?
A: Yes, we provide a one-stop service. From the design, forging, packaging, and delivery after placing the order, all are completed by our team. If you need it, we could also provide door-to-door service, allowing you to have a perfect shopping experience.
3. Are you a direct sales factory?
A: Yes, we are a direct-selling factory, established in 1983, with more than 40 years of export experience and a leading position in the industry.
4. What’s the price?
A: We insist on long-term cooperation to promote mutual development, so we would provide competitive prices in the industry. The specific price of a dandelion sculpture would vary depending on the size, whether it is customized, etc. You could contact our sales to send you a detailed price list.
5. How is it packaged?
A: First, we use thick soft foam and sponge to wrap, and then we use standard 3CM wooden crates for packaging outside to ensure that you receive the dandelion sculpture in good condition.
6. What method of transportation is used?
A: Usually, we use sea transportation, air transportation, and trains, mainly sea transportation. If you are tight on time, you could communicate with our sales to choose the appropriate transportation method.
Packing and Delivery
Of course, in addition to this lighting metal dandelion sculpture, we also have stainless steel fantasy wire fairy sculptures, bringing these incredible sculptures into your venue! More surprises, from the moment you contact!

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