Marble Statue Saint George Slaying the Dragon for Sale MOKK-853

  • Item No:MOKK-853
  • Material:Natural Marble
  • Superiority:Cover Full Insurance

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


Marble Statue Saint George Slaying the Dragon Introduction:

This is a marble statue of Saint George slaying the dragon. This statue is meticulously carved from high-quality natural marble, so the quality of this statue is high. In addition to the quality, the carving craftsmanship of this statue is also excellent. Every detail of St. George’s Dragon Slaying is vividly carved and could withstand careful inspection. From this sculpture, we could see the heroic figure of Saint George. And this picture is a real shot of our factory, we can clearly see many details of this statue.

There are versions of the story of “St. George Slaying the Dragon”, and there are different opinions in different regions. The legends in some regions are myths, and in some regions, they are very real historical stories. Regardless of the version, the core of all of them is that St. George is a brave warrior, saving the people from disaster. An excellent artwork sculpture has the soul, so our artist has collected all the information and legends about St. George, just to understand St. George better, and also to carve the most vivid statue of St. George slaying the dragon. Give this statue a soul.

Traditional Hand Carving:

You don’t need to worry about the marble statue‘s restored. Our artists have learned carving techniques since they were children. Their skills are very superb. And before the marble carving officially starts, our artist will first sculpt on the clay mold, let you check whether some details meet your requirements. After that, they would start carving on the marble. And YouFine’s marble sculptures are all hand-carved, using pure natural stone, which has high artistic value and can maintain value.


Provide More Choices:

YouFine factory was established in 1983, we have a professional design team and art consultants. So we can provide you with all kinds of sculpture art designs. If you have some ideas and designs yourself, we also accept your customization and create a unique sculpture specifically for you.

We accept customization of any size, material and shape. If you like this marble statue, or you have some other needs, you can contact us at any time.

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