Modern Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Landscape Sculpture for Sale CSS-128

Stainless Steel Landscape Sculpture Details:

This modern mirror polished stainless steel landscape sculpture consists of two parts, spiraling upward from the ground. It has a very attractive curvaceous shape. It gradually grow wider and wider from top to bottom, showing outstanding twisted appearance. They also like two abstract dancing figures tangled each other, giving people unlimited imagination. YouFine has delicately created such a unique work with highly polished surface. It will be a shining star placed in the center of commercial place.

Popular Designs:

This large modern mirror polished stainless steel landscape sculpture will be a fabulous sculpture placed outdoors. There are also a wide selection of stainless steel sculptures for you to choose from. If you like it, we will send you detailed catalogs with hundreds of products for your reference. At the same time, our stainless steel sculptures are also very innovative. If you provide a drawing, we can make exactly the same product for you.


Our Advantages:

There several advantages that you should choose this mirror polished stainless steel landscape sculpture.
Firstly, mirror polished. Our stainless steel sculptures have a mirror polished effect. The surfaces are very bright and will become the focal point of the urban landscape.
Secondly, it is not easy to rust and easy to clean. Before shipment, our stainless steel sculptures will be treated with rust prevention, so don’t worry about this problem.
Thirdly, strong wind resistance and durable. Our stainless steel sculptures are very strong, thick with high quality. It can be used outdoors for a long time.
Last but not least, accept customization. Most of our stainless steel products are innovative sculptures. They can be customized according to your drawings.


Ordering Guidance:

If you like this mirror polished stainless steel landscape sculpture, we will love to hear from you.
Step 1: Confirm the designs. Free 3D drawings.
Step 2: Make clay molds.
Step 3: Manufacturing, welding, grinding and polishing
Step 4: Packing and Delivery
Step 5: Installation and construction

Stainless sculpture has become the mainstream of modern urban sculpture. Contact us, and get your favorite styles!

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