» 5 Focus Tips Buying A Perfect Marble Memorial

As the resting place of the passing away, memorials are the last traces that the living could keep for the passing away. They contain the memory and missing of the living for the passing away. Therefore, people would buy a beautiful tombstone with special meanings for their relatives or in advance for themselves. Marble memorials are deeply loved by people because of their pure natural characteristics and durable quality. So how could you buy a perfect marble memorial?

marble heart shaped tombstone

Tip 1: Buy A Marble Memorial According to Type.

Common types of marble memorials include upright, sloping, flat, bench, and slab. These are relatively basic styles that could meet general needs. As people’s demand for the beauty of memorials increases, figure memorials, animal memorials, cherub memorials, and angel memorials also begin to appear in people’s vision and are widely used. Even more complex personalized memorials are increasingly common, both to make the memorial you purchase unique and to provide a special emotional connection between you and your loved one who has passed away.

marble memorial basic styles

marble memorial popular styles

Tip 2: Buy A Marble Memorial According to Local Cemetery Regulations.

Before you buy a marble memorial, you need to know the local cemetery laws and regulations, such as restrictions on size, color, inscriptions, and styles, what could be done, and what is not allowed, otherwise the cemetery management might reject marble tombstones that do not meet the regulations.

marble standing angel memorial

Tip 3: Buy A Marble Memorial According to Your Budget.

The prices of different marble tombstones are different. We all want to choose the best marble memorial for our loved ones as much as possible, but a good marble tombstone does not necessarily mean an expensive price. You could discuss with your family based on your budget, choose which decorations, how much text needs to be carved, and what size, etc.

marble weeping angel memorial

Tip 4: Buy A Customized Marble Memorial.

Whether it could be customized means whether marble tombstones could be personalized. Different people have different beliefs, values, and preferences, so their needs for tombstones are also different. If the manufacturer you purchase supports customized marble tombstones, you could choose the size, height, and color of the marble tombstone according to the cemetery, and carve something on the memorial that you want to say to your loved ones. The poems and designs that the passing one loved, the names of the passing one, the deeds of the passing one, and the ceramic photos of the passing one can be carved on the marble tombstones. Or you could add some accessories to the marble memorial, such as vases, flags, cemetery lights, etc.

marble angel and kids memorial

Tip 5: Select A Factory that Provides After-sales Service.

The after-sales service here mainly refers to the installation and later maintenance of marble tombstones. Larger tombstones are relatively heavy, so they require the help of professional workers when installing them. If the factory could arrange for a local team to help you install them nearby, it would be of great help. The maintenance of marble tombstones is related to whether the appearance of the tombstone would be beautiful in the future and whether it could have a long service life. It would be very necessary if the factory could provide you with a special maintenance manual or visit you from time to time to provide you with professional maintenance knowledge.

marble pieta headstone

YouFine Art Sculpture Provides Perfect Marble Memorials for You:

Advantage 1: Leading Position in the Industry.

Founded in 1983, YouFine Art Sculpture has been dedicated to the fine carving of marble memorials for more than 40 years. Years of export and carving experience have put us at the forefront of the industry and earned us a global reputation.

YouFine Art Sculpture Factory Photo

Advantage 2: Provide Personalized Customized Services.

YouFine has a team of professional designers and artists who could customize personalized marble memorials according to your needs, which could restore the appearance of your ideal marble memorial to the greatest extent and help you save time on carving.

custom design

more marble memorial styles

Advantage 3: Perfect After-sales Service.

YouFine provides a special after-sales maintenance manual for marble memorials and would return to you from time to time to help you solve your problems. We have installation partner teams located in many areas who could provide aid with installation.

YouFine Photo Wall

If you are interested in learning more about YouFineArt’s marble memorials, kindly provide your contact details, and our sales team would promptly send a comprehensive catalog of marble memorials.

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