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The imperial guardian lion, also known as the “Foo” dog western cultural tradition, represents the external companion to the imperial Chinese palaces, tombs, government agencies, and various families of government officers and wealthy families because of the Han Dynasty (206 bc-ad 220. According to legend The imperial guardian lion has a mysterious power to protect the master and their property. Forever Chinese poeple This is called “Canine.” In the Han Dynasty, along the Silk Road trade route, Asian lions became guardian symbols and people became more and more popular. And won the reputation of Chinese culture. The lion in the Buddhist faith is the dynasty that was introduced in Korea is the protective film Buddha teachings of Dharma. The empire guards the lion in pairs. One is male and the other is female. The female representative yin ( symbolically protects people Life inside the family) Male representative Yang (symmetrically protect the family itself. According to the FENG shui lion’s correct position is important to ensure its beneficial effect. When you see the entrance of the building can be kept on the left side of the lion, the man looks in the same direction and The female on the right. The empire guardian lion can also be included in other Asian countries. South Korea and various others around the world. Life size marble chinese foo dog garden ornaments lion statues for front porch for sale Life size garden statue chinese guardian lions marble foo dog statues design for entrance for sale   guardian lion white marble foo dog statues for sale for driveway

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