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This sculpture is located in the vicinity of the famous Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. It is located in a small street park. Many tourists who travel to Lucerne may not be able to find it if they are not pointing. This is one of the famous monument sculptures in the world. The purpose of the sculpture was to commemorate the glorious Swiss mercenaries who fought in the battle of the Royal Palace of Duiles in France in 1792. Before Switzerland became a developed country, one of the Swiss occupations was to go out as a mercenary. The brave and skilled Swiss mercenaries still serve as guardians for the Vatican until now. The famous American writer Mark Twain has traveled countless places in his life. He only praised this monument sculpture. He called it: “The most sad and most emotional stone in the world.” Welcome to contact with You Fine for any lion sculpture customized. timg (1)   Guardian western stone marble large roaring lion statue for front porch for sale

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