Factory Fun Sharing About Custom Bronze Statue

Bronze Statue Completed Display:

This is a custom bronze statue from a client. We could see that the finished drawing of this sculpture is very beautiful, and every detail is lifelike. But in fact, there are still some challenges in the customization process of this bronze statue.

Factory Fun Sharing About Custom Bronze Statue


Challenges in the Production Process:

When we were docking with the client, the client sent us two photos. The client’s request is that we customize two life-size full-body bronze statues based on these two photos. But as you could see in the picture, one of the photos our client gave is only half of the body. So if we cast a lower body that has no sense of incongruity and could show the style of the man in the picture, this is the biggest problem and challenge we face.

Custom bronze statue - YouFine Sculpture


Perfect Solution:

As we all know, the first step in bronze statue making is to make a 1:1 model. The artists in our model-making studio are top-notch. So when our artists received the challenge of this task, they went to consult a lot of materials. Went to find some information on soldiers of the same era as the man in this photo, and carefully studied every detail of this photo. In the end, the perfect full-body model was made. When our clients receive photos of our models, they are amazed. He said he didn’t think we could perfectly restore this half-photograph.

Factory Fun Sharing About Custom Bronze Statue


Clay Model Details Show:

Our clay models have many details. You could see the lifelike and soft beard on the model, you could also see the badge on the neckline, and the buttons are very tight. The wrinkles on the characters’ faces are also very realistic.

Custom bronze statue - YouFine Sculpture

Custom bronze statue - YouFine Sculpture


Lost Wax Casting:

It is because of these perfect clay models that we would show these details to the greatest extent in the subsequent casting process. We chose the traditional lost wax method as the casting method for the bronze statue. So every detail on the model could be perfectly reproduced.

Custom bronze statue - YouFine Sculpture Custom bronze statue - YouFine Sculpture


If you want to customize a bronze statue, YouFine would be your best choice. And we still sell directly from the factory, so at the same time, we could also guarantee a good price.

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