Five World Famous and Valuable Metal Sculptures

Metal is a versatile material, and throughout history, artists have created some truly stunning sculptures out of it. Metal sculpture works generally have ingenious design and rich creativity. Sculpture works of art have different meanings to different viewers. As the saying goes, there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand readers. Among the kinds of sculptures, when we mention valuable sculptures, people will mention the following 5 famous metal sculptures.

Floralis Generica, Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Floralis Generica is a beautiful floral sculpture designed by Argentine architect Eduardo Catalano. This large famous metal sculpture is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum materials.

Floralis Generica, which means hundreds of flowers in Spanish, was installed in a pool and has become an iconic sculptural building. The sculpture has six petals, and the sculpture can be manually controlled by an electric device to simulate the real flower state. This large flower opens at eight in the morning and closes slowly at sunset.

In good weather, the metal reflects a golden glow that contrasts with the blue sky, creating an extremely beautiful and unique picture. What’s more, the flowers also glow red at night, reflecting the surrounding environment and looking amazing. 

Floralis Generica sculpture- YouFine SculptureFloralis Generica stainless steel sculpture- YouFine Sculpture

Unisphere, New York, NY:

Located in a park in Queens, New York, this famous metal sculpture is a giant stainless steel globe. The Unisphere was designed by Gilmore D. Clarke as part of his plans for the 1964 New York World’s Fair. The Unisphere rests on a 20-foot-tall tripod base with more than 500 steel sheets representing continents, as well as three steel rings representing the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth.

Commissioned to celebrate the beginning of the space age, the Unisphere was conceived and built as the thematic symbol for the World’s Fair. The theme of the Expo is “Peace Through Understanding”, while Unisphere represents the theme of global interdependence, dedicated to “human achievement on a shrinking Earth in an expanding universe”.

Unisphere is the largest globe sculpture in the world, it was made a New York City designated landmark.

Unisphere-YouFine SculptureUnisphere-YouFine Sculpture (2)

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L’Homme Au Doigt:

The iconic and evocative sculpture pointing man sculpture is known as L’Homme au doigt. It is a bronze piece of art created by Alberto Giacometti. On May 11, 2015, the famous metal sculpture became the most expensive sold piece when it sold for US$141.3 million, it reflects the rarity and significance of this extraordinary work of art. This dynamic and powerful figure is widely recognized as one of the most important sculptural achievements of the Modern era The sculpture is a masterpiece catalog in the Museum of Modern Art and Tate Gallery in New York and London respectively.

The pointing man looks whippet-thin at about five feet by 10 inches. Alberto Giacometti’s wrath-like style of transforming his “pin-people” into life-size figures had reached its greatest heights in 1947. The power projected by this charismatic figure has achieved international recognition and is regarded as a significant and creative achievement in modern art.

L'Homme Au Doigt created by Alberto GiacomettiL'Homme Au Doigt created by Alberto Giacometti-YouFine Sculpture

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The Bear and the Strawberry Tree – the Symbol of Madrid:

The original of this bear and strawberry tree statue stands in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. The bear is standing on its hind legs, looking for fruit among the leaves of a strawberry tree. The sculpture was created by sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafé at the behest of the Spanish government and was completed in 1967. It was promoted by the section of Culture of the City council of Madrid, which wanted to represent the main heraldic symbol of the city as a monument.

Both of the objects in this sculpture are symbols of the city, with the strawberry tree being an important local plant and the brown bear being a common theme in folk tales. To this day, the statues of the bear and the strawberry tree stand in the center of the city, reminding the people of Madrid of their rich cultural, historical, and natural heritage. 

Bronze Bear and the Strawberry Tree Sculpture

Jeff Koons Balloon Flower:

This balloon flower is a classic piece in Jeff Koons’ Celebration series. Adopting a childlike vision, the author forged the red balloon flower from a hard stainless steel material, a far cry from its own fragile film that is prone to breakage. The sculpture’s shimmering surface, the balloon flower is a monument to nostalgia and the wide-eyed awe with which children see the world. we note that Jeff Koons’ work is quite bold in its use of color. For example, Magenta, red, and yellow. In general, his balloon series sculptures are made in bright and shiny colors.

 In terms of its lustrous finish and scale, Balloon Flower has flawlessness that approaches spirituality and transcendence. This seemingly simple balloon flower has many meanings, and Jeff Koons intends for people to appreciate the many connections, and even similarities, between this sculpture and humans. First, flowers have a cycle of growth, they bloom, mate or wither according to their vulnerability and the harshness of the season, and so do humans. Second, events in the human world such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and spring may involve flowers, which can serve both as a backdrop and as a gift. In addition, childhood is a key element embedded in the balloon flower, and even Jeff Koons’ other balloon series emphasize this point.

Jeff Koons Balloon Flower(Magenta)Jeff Koons Balloon Flower(Red)

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Although YouFine is not the creator of these famous metal sculptures, we can make perfect replicas of these famous metal sculptures. Based on the original work, you can unleash your imagination to customize famous metal sculptures with your personal style or regional style.

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