How is a marble sculpture completed?

Many classic artistic statues are carved from marble. Sculptures made of marble could be preserved and circulated for a long time, so they are the favorite of many artists. So, how is a perfect marble sculpture completed?\



1. Design:

First of all, you certainly need an idea for a marble sculpture. You need to figure out what sculpture you want. If you are an artist, you could design your own. If you do not have this skill yourself, you could also find a professional designer to design for you. You just need to tell them what you think. General sculpture factories could give you drawings for free. Take our factory-YouFine Art Sculpture Factory.




2. Clay Model:

After the marble sculpture design is completed, a 1:1 clay model is made according to the size you need. Why make a proportional clay model? Because the last part of the stone carving needs a strong, durable, and accurate “model”. Then the artists could sculpt the marble based on the clay model. For some marble-making factories, clay models could also allow customers to check the quality and details and determine the final sculpture design.




3. Carving On the Marble:

Then, you need a piece of marble. Find the marble you need, and then use the machine to cut out the appropriate volume. After cutting out the appropriate volume, we need to cut out the prototype of the marble sculpture again. At this time, it is to make a rough cut according to the model mentioned above.


After that, the point was fixed on the marble. Three-point positioning to find the fourth point. The method of making stone carvings is not known when someone invented it. Ancient Greece and Rome probably did it. This method is to find three datum points on the proportional mold first, and then punch these three datum points on the stone. These three points are the basis for all subsequent shapes.


Generally, we use a copper space ruler as a measuring tool. The principle of this copper space ruler is very simple, that is, after the three reference points fixed on the mold are set up, use the movable probe fixed on the ruler to find the fourth point of the mark, and use a red pen to probe Make a mark on the needle, then move the ruler to the three reference points on the stone, and use a chisel to chisel out the point that the probe remembers. This is exactly the same as the principle of the current 3D engraving technology, just scould a point, Chisel out a point.


This is a vast project, each point would take a long time, a face would eventually be carefully chiseled out about 500 points on the marble. Finally, the stone between the points is smoothed, and the shape of the marble sculpture is basically out, and the shape is exactly the same as the mold. In order to prove that they found the points exactly according to the mold, some stone carving artists would leave those points at the end with pencil marks in the middle, which is also convenient for reference in the final polishing process. If you go to the Louvre, you could check the marble statues. Many of them still have these spots. Rodin’s stone carvings are the most. 



4. Polishing:

When all the points have been found, it is the final polishing stage. At this time, our masters would use grinding wheels and sandpaper to grind down to make the whole sculpture more round and smooth.


After the polishing is completed, the beautiful marble sculpture is completed.


That’s all,  thank you for watching. If you want to know more about sculpture, you could continue to follow us.

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Post time: Oct-26-2021
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