Introduction of Life Size White Marble Greek Sculpture

Ancient Greece was the general term for the slave states of the 12th century BC – a BC slavery in the 2nd century BC and the islands scattered over the Mediterranean. There are more than 200 city-states, large and small, with frequent cultural and trade exchanges and frequent wars, but when foreign aggression, they will unite to resist. Athens and Sparta are two of the most influential countries.

Within each city-state, there is a slave democracy that uses the citizen assembly as the supreme authority, that is, the management of the city-state is directly attributable to all free people, and there is no ruler above the public (free people). . This system gave the ancient Greeks great freedom of thought. They were free to discuss politics and engage in the study of philosophy, art, and natural science. In such a free and democratic atmosphere, there have been many great philosophers, scientists and brilliant works of art that still affect Europe and the whole world until today (the artist himself or the lack of freedom and democracy to give the ancient Greek people the wisdom and truth and beauty. The perseverance, freedom and democracy made the ancient Greeks fully enjoy life and shape life. The hero god is the perfect person. The ancient Greeks expressed the truth, goodness and beauty of the universe directly on the people themselves, especially the carnal beauty. Become the eternal theme of their art of beauty.

After a long history, the splendid art culture of the ancient Greeks left us with some architectural sculptures and murals. Among these small works, only the exquisite human body performance is reached, and today it is also an insurmountable peak. Through the study of ancient Greek architecture, sculptures, murals and arts and crafts, it can be found that the art rules they follow are: simple, reasonable, dignified, harmonious, and this law has achieved perfection in the artistic creation of the 5th century BC. The peak. Art historians have divided the art of ancient Greece into four stages: the Homer era, the ancient era, the classical era, and the Pan-Greek era. We only introduce the style of each era from the perspective of sculpture.

三美神 800_副本


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