Top 10 Life Size Bronze Wildlife Sculptures for Sale

In the world of art and sculpture, bronze wildlife sculptures stand out for their natural wildness, becoming a timeless tribute to the beauty and majesty of the animal kingdom. From playful elephants to lovely antelopes, these life-size bronze sculptures capture the essence of wildlife in stunning detail. In this news we will explore 10 life-size bronze wildlife sculptures available for sale, each representing a masterpiece of craftsmanship and artistry.

Top 1 Fighting Bronze Bear Sculpture:

This bronze bear sculpture is very popular. It is different from the previous single bronze bear statues. Instead, it appears with the appearance of a bear and an eagle fighting for fish, which is very novel. The bear stood on the ground, opened its mouth wide, and tried to drive away the eagle. The eagle did not show weakness, spread its wings, and tried to quickly catch the fish and fly away. This life size bronze bear sculpture will bring whimsy and charm to any outdoor space.

Fighting Bronze Bear Sculpture

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Top 2 Proud Bronze Moose Statue:

This bronze moose statue is very vivid. The moose raises its head proudly and stares firmly into the distance. It has big horns on its head, and the fur on its neck and body is very fine. With its charming brown exterior, the life-size bronze moose statue will bring a sense of rugged beauty and natural majesty to any landscape.

Proud Bronze Moose Statue

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Top 3 Mighty Bronze Lion Sculpture:

This bronze lion sculpture has a dark brown appearance, and the lion’s upright posture fully demonstrates the lion’s power and dominance. The lion frowned, concentrating, and his beard and body hair were very fine. Bronze lion sculptures symbolize power, dignity, and luck in traditional Chinese culture and are often used in palaces, temples, schools, gardens, commercial spaces, and other occasions. They stand on both sides of the gate and play an important role in guarding the house against evil spirits and demonstrating identity and majesty.

Mighty Bronze Lion Sculpture

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Top 4 Amazing Bronze Bigfoot Statue:

This bronze bigfoot statue is very charming. The hair on its body is very thick, but it is also lifelike. Bigfoot frowned and opened its hands in a walking posture. It tilted its head as if attracted by something and stopped to watch. This life-size bronze bigfoot statue can fulfill all your outdoor decorating fantasies and bring endless fun to your outdoor space.

Amazing Bronze Bigfoot Statue

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Top 5 Lovely Bronze Antelope Sculpture:

This bronze antelope sculpture stands on a stone, with one foot raised and looking forward curiously with its eyes. The horns on its head are very slender, and its eyes and nostrils are round, making it very cute. The veins on its ears, face, body, and legs are all very realistic. This life-size bronze antelope sculpture is perfect for placing in schools, parks, and high-end residential areas to add unique charm.

Lovely Bronze Antelope Sculpture

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Top 6 Powerful Bronze Panther Statue:

This bronze panther statue is leaning over the stone and standing on the stone, with a ferocious face and sharp claws exposed. The ears are tilted back and the muscles on the body are protruding, showing a fighting state, which vividly depicts the majestic characteristics of the panther. This life-size bronze panther sculpture is eye-catching and admirable, a symbol of bravery and strength.

Powerful Bronze Panther Statue

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Top 7 Playful Bronze Elephant Sculpture:

This bronze elephant sculpture is composed of two bronze elephants playing. One elephant is walking in front, and the other elephant is behind. It puts its front legs on the front elephant’s butt, and also very naughtyly puts its trunk on the back of the elephant in front. Looking at this bronze elephant sculpture, you could feel the joy of the elephants as if you were standing in front of them. Therefore, if you want to create a happy outdoor atmosphere, this life-size bronze elephant statue is a good choice.

Playful Bronze Elephant Sculpture

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Top 8 Gentle Bronze Giraffe Statue:

The appearance of this bronze giraffe statue is made of brown, white, and gold. One giraffe raised its head high as if to eat the branches and leaves above, while the other giraffe lowered its head as if looking at the little ants on the ground. This life-size bronze giraffe statue is perfect for placing outdoors on your lawn, adding a touch of African charm to the outdoors.

Gentle Bronze Giraffe Statue

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Top 9 Peculiar Bronze Hippo Sculpture:

This bronze hippo sculpture is very peculiar. The hippo climbed out of the well mouth, supported the ground with both hands and looked outside with a novel look on its face as if it had entered a new world. The folds of the bronze hippo sculpture’s skin and its big eyes are very realistic. This life-size bronze hippo sculpture will bring a unique feel to your outdoor garden, villa, or manor.

Peculiar Bronze Hippo Sculpture

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Top 10 Vigorous Bronze Kangaroo Sculpture:

This bronze kangaroo sculpture is full of strength, which can be seen by looking at the strong muscles on their bodies. A kangaroo was lying on the edge of the water drinking water. Another kangaroo stood upright with its feet on the ground, eyes wide open, and looked to the side. Its two front paws were curled up on its chest as if it was ready to enter a fighting state at any time. This life-size bronze kangaroo sculpture is very suitable to be placed in public places such as theme parks, seaside parks, zoos, and resorts to add a touch of Australia’s natural charm.

Vigorous Bronze Kangaroo Sculpture

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More Bronze Wildlife Sculptures:

In addition to the above bronze wildlife sculptures, the YouFine factory also has many other bronze wildlife sculptures, such as bronze camel sculptures, bronze rhinoceros sculptures, bronze wild boar sculptures, bronze eagle sculptures, bronze dolphin sculptures, bronze wolf sculptures, etc. YouFine factory has a wide range of bronze wild animal clay models for you to use for free, which would help you save a lot of clay model costs.

More Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

More Bronze Wildlife Sculptures

bronze wild animal clay models

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Choose YouFine – the Leader in the Sculptures:

YouFine is a direct sales factory of bronze wildlife sculptures, focusing on the casting of bronze wildlife sculptures for more than 40 years. Since our establishment in 1983, we have taken many orders for bronze wild animals or ordinary animals, with no limit on size or category, and we support customization. Including bronze tiger sculptures, bronze crane sculptures, etc., without exception, our factory is favored by many customers due to its extremely high similarity and superior quality.

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So, if you are looking for a quality bronze wildlife sculptures supplier, please contact us directly and we would give you a stunning shopping experience.  

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