What Affects the Marble Fountain Price?

With the improvement of people’s living levels and quality of life, marble fountains are becoming more and more popular. People place it outdoors in gardens, courtyards, manors, castles, driveways, or in front of hotels, halls, etc. It could add a different kind of natural landscape, decorate the surrounding environment, and also purify the air. But when purchasing, the price has caused many people trouble. So, what are the factors that affect the marble fountain price?

Large Marble Poseidon Fountain

Raw Materials:

The first factor that affects marble fountain price is raw materials. On the one hand, marbles of different colors have different prices, such as red, green, white, yellow, black, etc. The better the material, the higher the price, and the corresponding marble fountain price is higher; On the other hand, the same color and different grades of marble have different prices. For example, the price order of white marble is Carrara price > Fangshan white price > Sichuan white price > Hunan white price > Guangxi white price > White Martha price. When choosing raw materials, you need to consider both your preferences and the surrounding environment. For example, if you are in Russia, and the weather is relatively cold, you need to choose Hunan white or granite.

Marble Fountain Raw Materials

Marble Fountain Style:

The second factor that affects marble fountain price is marble fountain style. Simple styles such as tiered fountains, simple tiered fountains with lion heads, small horse fountains, ball fountains, and simple wall fountains are relatively low-priced; Complex styles such as marble fountains with multiple animals, marble figure statues fountains prices are relatively high. The more complex the style, the longer the construction period and the more raw materials required, so the corresponding marble fountain price would be higher.

Different styles of marble fountains

Marble Fountain Details Requirement:

The third factor that affects the marble fountain price is the details requirement. For example, you could choose to decorate the columns and outer walls of a marble fountain with flower carvings, but the price of flower carvings would be more expensive. If you change the flower into some simple spiral patterns, the price will be lower. Another example is the number of figures or animals in marble fountains. The greater the number, the higher the price of the corresponding marble fountain. There are also, for example, the number of layers of fountains. The more layers there are, the higher the marble fountain’s price will be. You could change the details requirement of the marble fountain according to your budget.

Marble fountain with different details

Marble Fountain Size:

The fourth factor that affects the marble fountain price is the marble fountain size. The smaller the size of the marble fountain, the lower the price, and the larger the size, the higher the price. For example, the marble small horse fountain that customers often buy is about 3 meters, and the price is about 3000-5000 US dollars. But if it is larger than 3 meters, the price will increase accordingly. You could choose the appropriate size of marble fountain according to your venue or let our sales manager recommend the appropriate size for you. Different venues such as townhouses, castles, hotels, and manors, the size of the marble fountain is different, our sales managers are very familiar with these.

Marble horse fountains in different sizes

Marble Fountain Installation:

The fifth factor that affects the marble fountain price is the marble fountain installation. The marble fountain installation involves two situations, one is that the factory does not include installation services, and the other is that the factory includes installation services. If the installation service is not included, you need to contact local workers for installation after purchase, which takes time and effort. At the same time, if the local labor cost is relatively high, it will also be a considerable expense. It takes half a day to a day to install a small marble fountain, and even longer for a large fountain. Moreover, if the workers are not good at installing fountains, it will delay the time and also affect the normal use of the marble fountain. For example, if the fountain hole is not straight during installation, the water will not flow. If the factory includes installation services, it can save you time and energy and save your labor costs.

Marble Fountain Installation

Additional Equipment:

The sixth factor that affects the marble fountain price is the marble fountain additional equipment. The additional equipment of the marble fountain includes lighting decoration, water pumps, and hoses. If you want your marble fountain to be colorful at night, you need to add lighting decoration. If the factory can add it directly for you, it can help you save part of the cost. Some factories will provide water pumps and hoses for free. If not, you will need to purchase them additionally. Regarding the water pump, if the voltage is different from your national standard, you may need to purchase an additional converter to convert the voltage.

Additional Equipment

YouFine Factory Advantages:

Provide Customized Services.

YouFine has a professional team of designers who are proficient in CAD and 3D drawing technology and could provide you with professional marble fountain customization services. No matter what style you need, classic, grand, simple, or what kind of decoration you want to add, our designers could satisfy you and could also match your scene description to visualize the matching effect of your marble fountain.

Provide Customized Services

High-Quality Marble Fountain.

The raw materials we use for marble fountain carvings come from natural mines, so they are of extremely high quality, very durable, and have low subsequent maintenance costs. Our team has top artists in the industry who could restore the details of your marble fountain to the greatest extent and carve you a collectible marble fountain artwork.

High Quality Marble Fountain

Provide Competitive Price.

On the one hand, our factory has a cooperative marble raw material factory and purchases a large amount of marble of various materials in advance, so the price is relatively favorable. On the other hand, our artists are all over 40 years old and have rich experience in marble fountain carving. With multiple artists carving at the same time, the construction period of the marble fountain would be shortened, so the labor cost of the marble fountain would also be less.

More marble fountain styles

Various marble fountains

Provide Additional Services.

YouFine is a direct sales factory, so we could provide you with lighting decoration and free trial installation. The hose used after the trial installation will be given to you free of charge, and we will provide you with door-to-door installation services to provide you with a one-stop to solve all questions.

One-stop Service

Therefore, if you are interested in our marble fountains, you could leave your contact details below. In addition to marble fountains, we also have many other products that could be matched with marble fountains, such as marble flower planters, marble Four Seasons statues, and marble benches. We would provide you with the most competitive prices.

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