» We Recommend Some Sommon Stone for Making Marble Sculpture

Stone carving is an important part of sculpture art, and it is the earliest sculpture art in human history. The common stone works of stone carving art are flint, obsidian, sand stone, limestone, granite, marble and so on. Here we choose to introduce.
  1. Flint this is the Stone Age people make tools of the best stone, various colors of flint texture is beautiful. Hard and uniform, brittle, easy to process, and easy to obtain ideal and practical shape. Its color is generally gray, black. It can emit Mars when it strikes, so it is also called “flint”. Flint is widely distributed in Europe, and the typical Asherley axe is made of flint. Some of the typical microstones in North China are also made of sewn stones. Primitive people not only made tools from flint, they also used the techniques of chiseling and peeling to produce vivid and discernible animal statues of flint.
  2. Obsidian this is a glassy volcanic exhalation characterized by a glassy and shell-shaped fracture, usually black and brown. In the Stone Age, obsidian is also the best raw material for stone tools, and the stone tools are exceptionally delicate. Throughout the historical era, it has also been used as a raw material for handicrafts and ornaments.
  3. Granite is a volcanic rock, hard texture, all kinds of granite color and texture beautiful, suitable for all kinds of stone carving raw materials, especially suitable for the production of rough and brisk washing, strong texture effect of architectural decoration stone carving.
  4. Marble is the most widely used raw material for stone carving because of its fine grain, bright texture, beautiful stone grain, moderate hardness and easy to carve, among which, pure white marble is the most famous, commonly known as “white jade”. The Hellenistic masterpiece Venus of the broken arm, as well as the stone carvings and Buddhist statues of many imperial buildings in China, were made of white marble. Such as the Ming and Qing Forbidden City stone carving, the peopleundefineds hero monument relief, is the choice of Fangshan white jade carved.
  5. Sandstone is composed of discernible grains of sand and is suitable for the production of rugged and simple stone sculptures.
  6. 6. There are many kinds of limestone and its distribution is very wide. It is also suitable for making all kinds of stone carvings. This stone is hard and weathering and is the most common material for making large stone females. Many Buddhist grottoes in our country and their artistic statues. It is often carved on the spot using natural limestone mountain terrain. For example, the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, Henan Province is a typical example. The use of limestone carved a variety of stone works of art is innumerable.
  7. Talc is formed by metamorphism of magnesium-rich rocks, pale green or white, lustrous glass, and lustrous. Since the Neolithic Age, ancient humans have liked to use talc as a stone carving material. Liaoning Houwa prehistoric statues, South China warring States, Qin and Han Dynasty, many craftsmanship stone carving, is made of talc.

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