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Outdoor Catholic Jesus Christ Marble Statue Garden Decor for Sale CHS-608

Jesus Christ Marble Statue Details: This outdoor Catholic Jesus Christ marble statue is in long robes...
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Life Size Jesus Marble Statue with Shepard for Sale CHS-603

Jesus Marble Statue Details: This life size Jesus marble statue features Jesus Christ holding a sheep...
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Jesus carrying cross statue

Catholic Garden Marble Jesus Carrying Cross Statue CHS-290

  Just as Jesus carried the cross to each other, the soldier met a man from the ancient Sinai. They...
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sacred heart of jesus statues

Sacred Heart of Jesus Statues CHS-289

Jesus (4BC-30/33AD) (Ancient Hebrew: יהושוע, spelled Yahushua, Ancient Greek: Ἰησοῦς, can be spelled...
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Cross of Jesus Christ

Life Size Cross with Corpus CHS-288

In many cultures, sculpture is the center of religious worship. Until the last few centuries, large sculptures...
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Jesus Christ marble statue

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