Antique Outdoor Bronze Dragon Water Fountain for Sale

This bronze dragon fountain depicts a Chinese dragon hovering over a water vat, lifelike, and suitable for your home, garden, courtyard, hotel, or resort.
  • Item No.:BOK1-327
  • Material:High-quality Bronze Material

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


This bronze dragon fountain is specially customized for German customers. It is an artistic treasure that combines the essence of Eastern and Western cultures.

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Lifelike Bronze Dragon Fountain:

This long Chinese dragon cast of bronze hovers above the water vat with its majestic vitality.

The dragon’s two front paws tightly grasp the edge of the water vat. The water gurgles from the dragon’s mouth and gathers into a crystal curtain of water.

The water vat is surrounded by exquisite flower patterns and cleverly arranged water holes. Water gushes out of the holes and falls into the pool below, adding endless vitality and vitality.

Outdoor Bronze Dragon Fountain Details

Bronze Dragon Water Fountain Symbolic:

This large bronze dragon fountain is a handicraft and carries profound cultural connotations.

In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes authority, dignity, and auspiciousness. It controls the source of water, implying admiration for the source of life and good expectations for abundance. Therefore, placing a dragon water fountain for outdoor decoration is undoubtedly a good choice.

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Impeccable Finely Details:

In the process of creating the bronze dragon fountain, the artists paid extreme attention to every detail of the bronze dragon.

From the strands of dragon scales to the elegant and flying dragon whiskers, to the strong, powerful, and textured dragon claws, they all reflect the excellent craftsmanship and persistent pursuit of art.

Such an ingenious work reflects the perfection of sculpture skills, and also is a contemporary interpretation of the Chinese dragon totem worship.

Impeccable Finely Details of Bronze Dragon Water Fountain

Factory Water Flow Test:

Every piece of bronze dragon fountain would undergo strict professional water testing before leaving the factory to ensure that each component functions properly and the water flow is uniform and smooth.

We promise that when this bronze dragon water fountain arrives in your hands, it can be installed and put into use immediately, bringing you a full range of audio-visual enjoyment.

Factory Water Flow Test of Bronze Dragon Fountain

Real Customer Feedback:

German customer gave us positive feedback and evaluation after receiving it and sent us a series of feedback photos of the bronze fountain dragon.

The customer placed the bronze dragon fountain in his courtyard. In spring and summer, the bronze dragon water fountain is filled with water mist, complementing the surrounding flowers, plants, and trees, and full of spring.

Even in winter, the bronze dragon fountain under the ice and frost is still majestic and solemn, showing a different kind of winter beauty.

Real Customer Feedback of Bronze Dragon Fountain

Various Patina Options:

In addition to the classic bronze green, we can provide more color options according to your needs, making the bronze dragon fountain more consistent with your courtyard, architecture, and personal aesthetics, creating a unique and personalized art landscape.

Various Patina Options

More Bronze Dragon Fountains:

YouFine also has a variety of bronze dragon fountains of different styles in our product line for you to choose from, including the majestic bronze dragon holding ball fountain and the graceful curved neck drinking dragon fountain. No matter what artistic style you prefer, you can find your favorite piece in our collection.

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In addition to this bronze dragon fountain, if you are interested in our other styles of the large bronze dragon statue, the large bronze dragon fountain, or stainless steel style dragon sculptures, you could contact us directly to provide excellent service and discount prices.

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