Buy Religious Bronze St. Francis Statue for Church Decoration Factory Price BOKK-122

  • Item No:BOKK-122
  • Material:Grade Bronze
  • Color:The Picture Color or Customized
  • Size:Life Size or Customized
  • Package: Strong Wooden Case
  • Service :Customized Service

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


Here’s the story about St. Francis:

St. Francis was born in Assisi in the Umbria region of Italy in 1181, so it was also called St. Francis of Assisi or Assisi; died in 1226. His father, Pietro Bernard, was a successful cloth merchant, named his son Francis to express his love for France. He is very jealous of his father’s wishes, he also fell in love with France. He loves French songs, French romance, and loves the poet’s adventures.

Wealth can no longer satisfy him, and he has to gain fame, that is, the Canadian official. On the battlefield is the best place for him to fulfill this wish. It was just that Assisi declared war on the neighboring city of Perugia, so he entered the war. . A year later, Francis was redeemed. He has not been affected to continue his original life of seeking pleasure. He is still persistent in pursuing fame. The fourth Crusade began. His own armor is gold-plated and comes with a beautiful cloak. Before he left, he declared that he would not return home without a title.

But his departure from Assisi was no more than a day away. He had a dream at night, in the dream God told him that everything he was pursuing was wrong and asked him to go home. He came home. He came back without reaching the battlefield. He was ruthlessly ridiculed and humiliated by the folks. The most angry is his father, who wants him to return all the money he spends on him, and to sever the father-son relationship. Francis, twenty-five, has since devoted himself to God. He used a run-down church to build a stone to rebuild the church. He became the founder of the Franciscans. The clerk worked hard to promote the “Gospel of the poor”. After his death at the age of forty-five, he was chased as a saint in 1228.

Here is St. Francis famous prayer, which is circulated until today:

“Lord, let me be your safe vessel;

Sowing love in places of hatred;

Sowing forgiveness in the place of injury;

Sowing the faith in the place of doubt;

Plant hope in desperate places;

Sowing light in dark places;

In the sad place, plant joy.

Please let me seek comfort more than being comforted; seeking understanding is more than understood; seeking love more than being loved. Because we are harvesting in giving, we are forgiven in forgiveness. Only in death we are born again to have eternal life. Amen. ”

If you are just interested in him and want to buy the bronze St. Francis statue, it is right to contact us. Not only can we make othe saint sculptures , we can also make other bronze religious sculpture . With the material that suits you best, we can make it from marble or bronze. We can also support customization. Just send a photo or design. We can make the sculpture you want.

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