Custom Life Size Bronze Viking God Odin Statue for Sale

Bronze life size Viking statue for sale, ideal decoration for outdoor places such as gardens and schools, supports customization and global shipping.
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  • Material:Bronze
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Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


Life Size Viking Statue Description:

This bronze life size Viking statue for sale is very majestic and full of power. The Viking god wore a helmet with horns on his head, armor on his body, and cotton boots on his feet. He has a sword slung across his body and a shield behind his back. The finger joints of this sculpture, the folds on the clothes, and the beard on the face are all very detailed.

bronze life size viking statue for sale (1)

bronze odin statue details

bronze life size viking statue for sale (2)

Viking God Odin Sculpture Introduction:

The figure in this life-size statue is Odin, a widely revered god in Norse mythology. The prototype for the sculpture is located at Salem State University and was cast by sculptor Chris Williams. Due to its tall and majestic appearance, the life-size bronze Viking statue is often purchased by the heads of schools, gardens, parks, and other places for decoration or use as mascots.

bronze odin sculpture

bronze life size viking statue for sale (3)

Using Silica Sol Technology:

Many foundries use cheap ammonia during the casting process of bronze sculptures, resulting in many white spots on the appearance of bronze sculptures. But YouFine uses more expensive silica sol,  the bronze life size Viking statue for sale cast in this way has a very exquisite appearance without any white spots.

life size viking statue

Various Clay Models:

YouFine Foundry has focused on the export of bronze sculptures for more than 40 years, so we have various styles of bronze clay models. The clay models are classified into different series, such as figure clay models, animal clay models, etc., to help you save the cost and time of making clay models.

various clay models

High-quality Bronze Material:

For the life size Viking statue for sale, our artists use high-quality bronze to hand-cast it, with a copper content of up to 80%, and add zinc, tin, and other metals to ensure the hardness of the bronze. And the thickness of the bronze is much higher than that of its peers, making the life size bronze Viking statue more sturdy and durable.

High-quality Bronze Material (2)

High-quality Bronze Material

Professional Patina Artists:

The color of this bronze Viking god could be changed according to your needs, such as black, green, matching colors, etc. We have professional patina artists who could meet your needs for various colors, ensuring the colors of the life size Viking statue for sale are natural, appropriate, and long-lasting.

more color choices

Custom Your Life-size Viking Bronze Statue:

First, you could tell our team about the size, style, details, and application scenarios of the life-size Viking bronze statue. Our designers would draw the design for you and use 3D to show the effect to ensure your satisfaction.
Second, our sales manager would make a professional quotation based on your expected delivery time, transportation distance, size, etc.
Then, after you are satisfied with the price, our team’s artists would start casting the life-size Viking bronze statue. The QC team would conduct quality inspection throughout the process and provide you with real-time progress feedback;
Finally, after the Viking bronze statue is completed, we would confirm it with you through videos, pictures, etc. After confirmation, our team would provide you with packaging and door-to-door delivery services, and provide installation guidance or door-to-door installation services according to your needs.

Custom Your Life-size Viking Bronze Statue

If you like our bronze Viking god statues or any other bronze figure statue, you could leave your contact information and our sales staff would contact you later.

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