Large Antique Bronze Lion Heads Ladies Fountain for Sale BOKK-855

Bronze Lion Heads Ladies Fountain Details:

This classic bronze lion heads ladies fountain is an awe-inspiring work of are in YouFine. Featuring four beautiful ladies setting around the bottom, they all dress in robes elegantly carrying the vase. At the top of fountains, there are four large lion heads pouring water into the large round basin. The large round pool surround also makes this fountain well coordinate. Besides, the incredible bronze lions heads pouring water look very beautiful. Admire this brilliant art work of details with antique bronze finish in YouFine.


Lost-wax Castings:

This magnificent bronze lion heads ladies fountain adopts traditional lost wax casting’s method. Masterfully sculptures, it ensures the durability of this bronze fountain. Although it requires long construction period, it ensures perfect details and immaculate quality. YouFine has professional clay mold masters, wax shell masters, and coloring masters. They all have more than 30 years of experience in their respective positions. Therefore, all the bronze products of YouFine come in wonderful bronze patinas and shapes.

 bronze lion heads ladies fountain


Popular Bronze Fountains:

This gorgeous bronze lion heads ladies fountain is one of the most popular types of fountains in YouFine. The incredible designs will appeal to tourists very well. Each tourist will be attractive by the majestic lions heads pouring water into the large ornate basin. Moreover, YouFine also has various kinds of bronze fountain in stock. If you have any ideas, our talented masters will achieve your dream.


YouFine Strength:

This fantastic bronze lion heads ladies fountain proves the power and strength of YouFine. We are committed to creating the finest works of bronze art since 1982. Our bronze fountains, bronze statues, bronze planter etc. are to enhance the beauty of indoor or outdoor environment . Any custom bronze works are in various of shapes, sizes and colors. Contact with YouFine, make our sculptures last a lifetime in your homes, gardens and other estates.


Welcome to China YouFine factory. Enjoy the fantastic work of art for the lifetime use.

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