Large Bronze Dali Elephant Sculpture Hotel Garden Decor for Sale BOKK-596

  • Item No.:BOKK-596
  • Material:Grade A Bronze

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


Dali Elephant Sculpture Details:

This large bronze Dali Elephant sculpture looks unique and fantastic. Featuring long and multi-jointed legs, our bronze elephant sculpture carries an obelisk on its back. With a long and slender nose, its ivory points are sharp. Even its trunk is sharp and angular, and its tail is raised horizontally. And the antique obelisk has an antique texture. Designed for Georgian clients, our abstract elephant has won the love of every tourist.


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In addition to this large bronze Dali Elephant sculpture, we also have other abstract bronze products. Our high-quality bronze sculptures come in many categories, including bronze figure sculptures (bronze garden sculptures, bronze military sculptures, bronze religious sculptures, etc.), bronze animal sculptures, bronze fountains, etc. There are many types of our bronze abstract sculptures, consult us for the most detailed catalogs.


Salvador Dalí Elephant Symbolism:

Normally, Dali’s works usually incorporate realist symbols such as horses, clocks, elephants, and angels. And his elephants have common features, such as slender multi-jointed legs and an obelisk on their backs. These elephants represent the future and a symbol of strength. The obelisk on its back is a symbol of power and rule. YouFine cast bronze can completely restore the essence of an elephant, which is 100% similar to the original.

Large Bronze Dali Elephant Sculpture Hotel Garden Decor for Sale BOKK-596 (7)


Customers Feedback:

This large bronze Dali Elephant sculpture is a finished product designed and produced by us for Dream Land Oasis, a large resort hotel in Georgia. We have selected and designed more than a dozen bronze sculptures and stainless steel sculptures for them. If you have any ideas about style selection, we can provide you with various designs with detailed material specifications and quotations.


Come to consult at any time, we can always provide you with a detailed quotation!

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