Marble Buddha Large Quan Yin Statue for Outdoor MOK1-126

The hand-carved large Guanyin statue is made of purely natural marble, and every detail is lifelike and vivid, with first-class quality.
  • Item No:MOKK-126
  • Material:Natural Marble

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


YouFine would provide you with top-quality large Guanyin Statues. Our Avalokitesvara statues are all made of marble. Our marble is all natural and very suitable as a raw material for carving, so you could see that every detail on the Avalokitesvara statue is very vivid and perfectly presented. Out of people’s imagination of Avalokitesvara, benevolent and holy, this is the Avalokitesvara in the minds of all believers. This statue perfectly shows these characteristics. When people see this Avalokitesvara statue, they would feel inner peace.

large quan yin statue - YouFine Sculpture

guanyin sculpture - YouFine Sculpture

guanyin sculpture - YouFine Sculpture


About Guanyin:

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, the name of the Bodhisattva, is a free translation of the Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara, transliterated “Apolujidishebara” and “Afulu Zhiduoyi Shivaluo” One of Amitabha’s left-wing attendants. Buddhism believes that Guanyin Bodhisattva is a Bodhisattva. All living beings in distress could only recite his name, “the Bodhisattva would watch his voice immediately” and go to rescue and liberation, hence the name. The name Taizong Li Shimin was once taboo in the Tang Dynasty. Remove the word “Shi”, abbreviated as “Guanyin”.

large quan yin statue - YouFine Sculpture

large quan yin statue - YouFine Sculpture


Advantages of YouFine:

We could provide many Guanyin statue designs in different poses. As a Chinese marble statue supplier, we are very good at Guanyin statues. We have a special production line of Chinese Buddha statues, and every artist in it has a very deep understanding of Buddhist knowledge. And it has provided many Avalokitesvara statues for many Buddhist countries such as China, Thailand, and India. So we could guarantee that our Avalokitesvara statues meet the standards in the minds of all believers and could show the divine.

   large quan yin statue - YouFine Sculpture guanyin sculpture - YouFine Sculpture


In addition to the Guanyin statue in Buddhism, there are many other Buddha statues. All of our statues are made of natural marble. If customers need them, we would also choose copper or other materials as raw materials for statues. We could give our customers a variety of choices to meet different needs. , whether you want to put it in the temple, or put it outdoors, our statues could guarantee a long life.

buddha statue - YouFine Sculpture large quan yin statue - YouFine Sculpture


For more information about our Guanyin statues, please feel free to contact us.

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