12 Best Bronze Football Statues in The World

Sports competitions are always exciting, especially football games. Many excellent football players have emerged in the World Cup, and they have achieved amazing achievements. In order to commemorate the achievements of football players, people choose to cast bronze sculptures for them. So what are the 12 best bronze football statues in the world? According to Pinterest, we come to the following conclusions.

Bronze Football Player Sculpture

Top 1 Diego Armando Maradona Sculpture

Diego Armando Maradona bronze football sculpture, with a golden appearance, perfectly captures Maradona’s movements as he runs forward and passes the ball. He puts one hand forward and the other backward, and even his expression shows that he is exerting himself. The details on his body are so exquisite that it seems as if we are actually there.

Diego Armando Maradona Sculpture

Top 2 Thierry Henry Sculpture

The Thierry Henry Bronze Football Sculpture has a black appearance and depicts Henry kneeling on the field. He holds his fists tightly behind his back, his eyes drooping with determination and confidence, and his whole body leaning back. The veins in his neck, arms, and legs are clearly visible.

Thierry Henry Sculpture

Top 3 Sir Bobby Moore Statue

Bobby Moore bronze football statue is also full of confidence. He crosses his arms in front of his chest, looks straight ahead, mouth tightly closed, one foot on the ball and one foot on the ground, as if calmly analyzing the situation on the field.

Sir Bobby Moore Statue

Top 4 Tofiq Bahramov Sculpture

Tofiq Bahramov bronze football sculpture looks very majestic, his hair looks neat, standing with one hand pointing forward and one hand touching his cheek, his expression is serious and focused.

Tofik Bakhramov Sculpture

Top 5 The United Trinity Statue

The United Trinity Bronze Football Statue comprises George Best, Denis Law and Sir Bobby Charlton, who helped Manchester United win the first European Cup in 1968. The three of them are standing, looking forward, some with their hands on their waists, some holding the football, and some pointing to the sky, as if they are enjoying the joy of victory.

The United Trinity Statue

Top 6 Materazzi Zidane Sculpture

This Materazzi Zidane Bronze football sculpture, also known as Headbutt (sculpture), was cast by a French artist and depicts the scene of Zidane’s headbutting Materazzi’s chest during the 2006 World Cup final between France and Italy. The entire sculpture vividly reflects the scene of the dispute between the two and the details of the characters.

Materazzi Zidane Sculpture

Top 7 Henrik Larsson Sculpture

Henrik Larsson bronze football sculpture is very exquisite. Henrik Larsson walks forward with his left hand slightly raised, his right hand hanging down, his legs slightly bent, and the football is placed not far from his feet. The sculpture faces the sea, giving people a sense of grandeur.

Henrik Larsson Sculpture

Top 8 Stanley Matthews Statue

This Stanley Matthews bronze football statue shows a scene of three people training. Some of them have their arms forward, some swing their arms backward, some have footballs next to their feet, and some have footballs on the ground. Although their postures are different, they are all playing football attentively, which makes people feel their heroic charm.

Stanley Matthews Statue

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Top 9 Cristiano Ronaldo Statue

The Cristiano Ronaldo Bronze Football Statue shows Ronaldo standing with his hands outstretched to the sides and his eyes looking forward. The straight short hair, abdominal muscles and folds of clothes are all very clear.

Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Cristiano Ronaldo Statue-2

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Top 10 Carlos Valderrama Sculpture

Carlos has a typical afro, his hands are open, he is concentrating on the ball at his feet, and is preparing to kick the ball. The whole sculpture not only highlights Carlos’ personality, but also restores the details of the character to a high degree. Even with his open fingers, we can feel the strength of Carlos.

Carlos Valderrama Sculpture

Top 11 Lev Yashin Sculpture

Lev Yashin bronze football sculpture is different from other sculptures, depicting he jumping to intercept the ball. His body is tilted to the left, his feet are suspended in the air, one hand is touching the intercepted football, and the other hand is trying to exert force at the same time.

Lev Yashin Sculpture

Top 12 World Cup Sculpture

The World Cup Sculpture is called the Champions for short and was established in 1966. It depicts the scene of Bobby Moore, Jeff Hurst, Martin Peters and Ray Wilson cheering and celebrating after winning the World Cup after the final. England captain Moore is lifted high by his teammates, holding the Jules Rimet Cup, while the other three teammates smile and face forward, full of pride, excitement and joy.

World Cup Sculpture

World Cup Sculpture Clay Model
World Cup Sculpture Clay Model

What Are the Worst Football Statues?

Comparing the best football statues, the following are the three recognized worst football statues.

Harry Kane Sculpture

The Harry Kane football sculpture was not shown to the public after it was cast. It depicts Harry Kane sitting on a bench, with one hand on his knee and one hand touching the ball. However, the whole sculpture has a very stiff posture, an unnatural expression, and a body proportion that is inconsistent with the real person, appearing thinner and longer, and the facial similarity is not high.

Harry Kane Sculpture

Ted Bates Statue

The Ted Bates football statue makes him look very short, his face is very different from his own, his eyes and mouth look very strange, and the wrinkles on his clothes are bumpy and have no three-dimensional feel. Therefore, as soon as this sculpture was announced, it caused strong dissatisfaction among fans.

Ted Bates Statue

Cristiano Ronaldo Bust

The throat of the bust of Cristiano Ronaldo is very sharp, which is totally inconsistent with the normal human body structure. The face of Cristiano Ronaldo looks square and big. Moreover, the whole sculpture does not reflect Ronaldo’s charm but adds a touch of funny.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bust

How to Buy the Best Football Statues?

Choose A Direct Sales Factory

It means you will get a better price and perfect after-sales service. YouFine factory is located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, a famous sculpture town in China, and has a professional after-sales team to serve you.

youfine factory
YouFine Factory

Choose Top Artists

It means a rich experience, which can ensure the perfect details and high restoration of bronze football sculptures. The artists in the YouFine factory are all outstanding talents in the industry. They can cast the entire sculpture at a glance. At the same time, because of their awe of football players, they can better capture the essence of the sculpture.

YouFine Factory Bronze Gerard Cieślik Sculpture (A Polish football player) Display
YouFine Factory Bronze Gerard Cieślik Sculpture (A Polish football player) Display

Choose High-quality Bronze Material

It means high thickness, strong and durable, and can last longer. The football sculptures in the YouFine factory are all cast with high-content bronze, and the thickness is higher than that of the same industry, which can better guarantee their quality.

High-quality Bronze Raw Materials

Choose An Excellent Designer Team

It means that customized services can be provided to meet diverse needs. You can customize your bronze football sculpture according to your preferences. The designer team in the YouFine factory is proficient in CAD and 3D sketching technology and can design a satisfactory custom bronze statue for you. For details about the customization of bronze figures, please refer to this article: How To Customize Famous Figure Sculptures?

More Bronze Football Statues
More Bronze Football Statues

YouFine Factory is the best bronze foundry in China, so please believe that we are your best choice for casting the best football statues!

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