How To Customize Famous Figure Sculptures?

Why People Customize Famous Figure Sculptures?

People’s motivations for customizing famous figure sculptures are from various emotional and social needs. The influence of celebrities permeates all levels of society, including film and television stars, athletes, and figures who have made outstanding contributions in various fields.

custom famous figure sculptures

For example, Shakespeare occupies a glorious position in the history of British literature. His many classic plays such as “The Merchant of Venice” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” have deeply influenced readers around the world. In recognition of his immortal contribution to the development of world literature, people have permanently preserved his cultural image through custom-made bronze sculptures.

Shakespeare bronze sculpture

Another example is former U.S. President Lincoln. With his firm leadership during the Civil War and the successful abolition of slavery, he made great achievements in promoting the country’s economic development and social harmony. To make future generations remember this great changer, the bronze sculpture customized for him has become a powerful carrier to inherit history and inspire the future.

Lincoln bronze statue

Therefore, more and more people choose to customize famous figure sculptures. This is a kind of personal emotional sustenance and an important manifestation of collective memory and social value recognition.

bronze custom sculptures

Choose A Suitable Sculpture Factory.

A suitable sculpture factory generally needs to include the following aspects:

Top Designers In the Industry:

Professional Drawing Skills.

Designers need to be proficient in CAD and 3D drawing technical to meet your diverse customization needs. For example, if you want to add some decoration or change the figure’s pose, the designer could easily make it for you. Designers could match your sculptures with different scenarios according to your ideas to give you the best display effect. Designers could even animate figures for you or design incomplete photos you provide into complete photos. For example, if there is only a picture of the figure’s upper body, our designers could design a complete full-body picture for you.

Professional Drawing Skill

Strong Understanding Ability.

Designers need to have strong understanding skills, allowing them to communicate with you efficiently and accurately, understand your needs, and create a design that exactly meets your expectations. For example, in a project to customize a bronze sculpture of an athlete, one of our customers provided a photo with unclear facial details as a reference, but he wanted the sculpture to show more detailed facial features. Faced with this challenge, our designers acted quickly with excellent understanding, first deeply analyzing the information in the photo, and then designing a highly clear image of the person’s face,  accurately capturing the eyebrows and eyes, and even the wrinkles on the face clear, perfectly meeting the customer’s high standard of detail presentation.

custom designs

Artists Pursuing Excellence:

Rich Casting Experience.

The artists need at least fifteen years of bronze casting experience because the traditional lost wax process is an ancient and strict technical. Without the precipitation and accumulation of time, it is impossible to accurately grasp the casting process and properly perform it during the casting process.  For example, the temperature of the bronze water could not be accurately controlled, resulting in the inability to form the bronze shell. YouFine artists are all over 40 years old, have rich casting experience, and are proficient in every process of the traditional lost wax process, for simple bronze figures, they could cast the entire figure just by looking at the photo.

casting processes

Maximum Degree of Restoration.

Artists need to be very precise in their grasp of details to achieve the greatest possible restoration of custom bronze-famous figure sculptures. Before we cast famous figure sculptures, our artists would first study the celebrity’s autobiography and relevant film and television materials to master the figure’s temperament and features. As a result, a 97% reduction degree could be achieved in the subsequent casting of the clay model. The final sculpture could restore the appearance, and also restore the charm.

Maximum Degree of Restoration-1

various clay models

Strict Requirements on Materials.

YouFine artists are very responsible, so they would strictly control the materials, use high-content bronze materials, and use silicone moulds and silica sol during the casting process to ensure the durability of the bronze customized famous figure sculptures. However, some artists might use cheap materials for casting, resulting in bronze figure sculptures that are very thin and have ugly white spots on them.

Strict Requirements on Material

Responsible Sales Team:

Provide Professional Services:

Sales staff need to be able to provide professional services, which mainly include two aspects. On the one hand, it is a timely reply. When you have questions about bronze famous figure sculptures, our sales staff could reply to you in time and provide you with warm and thoughtful service. The other aspect is timely feedback on progress. YouFine sales staff would provide you with real-time photo feedback during the casting process. For key nodes, such as clay models, welding, and patina, our sales staff would send you videos or even make video calls for you.

Provide Professional Service

Offer Competitive Prices:

The purpose of the YouFine factory is to establish long-term partnerships with customers, so our sales would also provide you with more competitive prices based on ensuring quality. One of our customers is a retired soldier who wanted to customize a bronze military sculpture for the military base where he worked. He compared it with many sculpture factories and found that only our price was the best for the same quality. He was very satisfied after receiving it and recommended the YouFine factory to other colleagues who needed cooperation.

youfine factory

YouFine Factory Customized Bronze Famous Figure Sculptures Display:

The first thing to show you is the sports series bronze celebrity sculptures customized by customers in our factory, including the bronze football player Gerard cieślik sculpture, the bronze rugby player Bart Starr sculpture, the bronze skater Adne Sondral sculpture, and the bronze golf player Jack Nicklaus sculpture.

bronze sports series sculpture

The second display is the military series of bronze celebrity sculptures customized by customers in our factory, including the bronze pilot sculpture, the bronze soldier sculpture, the bronze soldier and dog sculpture, the bronze army sculpture, etc.

bronze military series sculpture

Next on display is the presidential series of bronze celebrity sculptures, including the bronze Lincoln sculpture, the bronze Queen Elizabeth II sculpture, the bronze Clinton sculpture, the bronze Nixon sculpture, etc.

bronze presidential series sculpture

The last display is the star series of bronze celebrity sculptures, including the bronze Bruce Lee sculpture, and the bronze Chaplin sculpture.

bronze star series sculptures

In addition to these custom bronze famous figure sculptures, YouFine has many other custom bronze statues. In addition to bronze sculptures, we also support marble sculpture customization and stainless steel sculpture customization. So if you have any needs, you could leave your contact information below and we would contact you as soon as possible.


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