Ultimate Buying Guides for Stainless Steel Outdoor Sculptures

With the development of cities and people’s aesthetic upgrading of modern art, stainless steel sculptures have begun to be integrated into people’s lives at a rapid pace. They are loved by people for their smooth golden or silver appearance and simple and luxurious style. Stainless steel sculptures are widely used in cities, campuses, large squares, and other outdoor places. So how could you buy the perfect stainless steel outdoor sculpture?


stainless steel abstract sculpture


1. Purchase Stainless Steel Outdoor Sculptures According to Your Budget.

Price is our first consideration when purchasing stainless steel outdoor sculptures. Generally, we would set a budget for ourselves. We could choose the style of stainless steel sculpture according to our budget. According to the current situation of the stainless steel market, for relatively simple stainless steel sculptures, the general price range is 2,000-3,000 US dollars for two meters and 3,000-5,000 US dollars for three meters. Specific prices would vary depending on design and material. If special customization is required, the price would be correspondingly higher.



2. Purchase Stainless Steel Outdoor Sculptures According to The Placement Location.


First, Different Locations Determine The Size of Stainless Steel Outdoor Sculptures.

Large villas require relatively large-sized stainless steel sculptures, which could create a better sense of space, and also make the villa appear magnificent and stylish. If the stainless steel sculpture placed is relatively small, it would fail to play a decorative role, and would also appear inconsistent and abrupt. The same is true for small gardens. Stainless steel sculptures of appropriate sizes could make the garden look very delicate and beautiful. If the sculpture is too large, it would make the garden appear too narrow.

outdoor light sculpture


Second, Different Locations Determine The Requirements for Material Standards.

The location here refers to whether the location you want to place is along the coast or on land. For land cities, the air is relatively dry and there is no need to worry about rust, so ordinary stainless steel 304 is enough. But if you are in a coastal city, where the air is relatively humid and there is often rainy weather, you need to consider 316 stainless steel for rust prevention.

metal swan sculpture


3. Choose A Suitable Stainless Steel Sculpture Factory.

The right stainless steel sculpture factory determines the final presentation of your stainless steel outdoor sculpture and whether it could give you a satisfactory shopping experience. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a suitable stainless steel sculpture factory. A suitable stainless steel sculpture factory mainly includes the following aspects:


First, It Needs to Use High-quality Stainless Steel.

High-quality stainless steel has the functions of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-oxidation, which could prevent rust, thereby giving stainless steel sculptures a longer service life. Therefore, when purchasing, you must make sure that the factory uses 304/316 stainless steel, otherwise, the quality of the stainless steel sculpture could not be guaranteed.

High-quality Stainless Steel


Second, Experienced Artists Are Needed.

Stainless steel outdoor sculptures require artists to forge them by hand. From the cutting of the steel plate, the hammering and deformation of the welding rods, and the polishing of the welds, everything is done by the artist. Experienced artists would use full welding technology for high polishing so that no traces of welding are visible on the surface of the sculpture, which makes the stainless steel sculpture vivid and lifelike, and also prevents the weld seams from rusting. However, inexperienced artists would use spot welding technology to process the welds, making the surface of the sculpture ugly and the seams easy to rust.

forge process


Third, Professional Designers Are Needed.

Whether there is a professional designer means that your stainless steel sculpture could have more possibilities. A professional designer could make your stainless steel outdoor sculpture unique and could be personalized for you. Any of your ideas and creativity could be turned into reality, and the whole process would feel very amazing if you just imagined it. On the contrary, if there is no professional designer, your stainless steel sculpture style would be relatively ordinary and could not be combined with your creativity.

custom design

personalized customization


Fourth, There Needs to Be Responsible Sales Staff.

Are you worried about whether the transaction is reliable? Worried about whether your deal is guaranteed? At this time, responsible sales staff are needed. Responsible sales staff provides you with detailed explanations before you place an order, and could provide you with real-time feedback on the progress of your order after placing your order, providing you with progress evidence in various aspects in the form of pictures or videos. Likewise, it would make your shopping experience more enjoyable. If the sales staff is irresponsible, the entire transaction process would be greatly compromised, and might even face transaction risks.

YouFine Responsible Sales Staff


YouFine One-stop Stainless Steel Outdoor Sculpture Supplier:

YouFine is a direct sales factory that could provide you with all services in one stop. After placing the order, our team would handle everything from material selection, design, production, packaging, delivery, customs clearance, and installation, so that you don’t have any worries or inconveniences. We have undertaken many large-scale stainless steel projects, such as Outdoor Metal Sculptures Resort Project For Georgia, and Large Outdoor Metal Sculpture For Azerbaijan Urban Construction Government Project, so YouFine Art Sculpture is worthy of your trust.

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YouFine Project

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