Catholic Life Size Marble Pieta Statue for Sale

The life size pieta statue for sale is hand-carved from natural marble by YouFine devout Catholic artists. Each detail is polished multiple times, making it very suitable for outdoor decoration such as churches.
  • Item No.:CHS-262
  • Material:Grade A White Marble

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


Life Size Marble Pieta Statue Details:

This life size Pieta statue for sale is a perfect replica of Michelangelo. Finely carved from natural white marble, this catholic statue is purely hand made. This life-size marble artwork depicts holy Mary holding the body of Jesus. As one of the most famous statues in the world, YouFine’s professional sculptors can restore this sculpture 100% by hand. Contact us, and get more information.

Life Size Marble Pieta Statue Details

YouFine’s 1:1  Marble Pieta Model:

All of our life size Pieta statues for sale are crafted from high-quality marble. To ensure the authenticity and detail of the religious figures, we first make life-size clay models. This allows us to create the most realistic and intricate marble statues of these iconic images. Our dedicated team of artisans can expertly reproduce these statues while capturing 100% of the original essence and spirit of the characters. With passion and skill, we replicate each nuance found in the original works, honoring both the artistry and religious significance.


YouFine Factory Marble Pieta Statues Display:

Whether you require a life-size marble pieta or a larger marble pieta statue for outdoor display, our artists could meet your specifications. With expertise and care, we will work with you to create a unique marble statue that captures the beauty and symbolism of the Pietà. We take great pride in producing marble religious art that evokes reverence and inspiration. The following picture is the marble Pieta statues ordered by the customer in our factory. They are exquisite and lifelike.

Outdoor Catholic Marble Pieta Statue for Sale CHS-262 Outdoor Catholic Marble Pieta Statue for Sale CHS-262 Outdoor Catholic Marble Pieta Statue for Sale CHS-262

Responsible QC Team:

After you place your order for a life-size marble Pieta statue, it would be carved by our artists. During the carving process and after the carving is completed, our QC team would monitor the progress and quality of the marble Pieta statue from multiple dimensions, and would send you pictures and videos of progress feedback for confirmation to ensure that you are satisfied with the statue, and the quality of the statue is superb.

Responsible QC Team

Customers Feedback:

Our life size marble Pietà statues are one of the most popular statues of Michelangelo statue replicas. You can find YouFine garden sculptures all over the world. Below is a picture of feedback sent to us by church customers. We also have various feedback on other sculptures, please feel free to consult.

Customers Feedback

More Marble Catholic Statues:

Apart from this life-size marble pieta statue for sale, YouFine offers a variety of marble religious sculptures. Various popular religious figures such as the Virgin Mary marble statue, the marble Jesus sculpture, the marble Louder sculpture, Saint Michael the Archangel statue, etc. Other religious church supplies such as the marble Altar and marble pulpit are also available. If you have other preferred religious garden figures, please let us know. We always give you high-quality sculptures.

Outdoor Catholic Marble Pieta Statue for Sale CHS-262 Outdoor Catholic Marble Pieta Statue for Sale CHS-262

Contact us now, and get more information about our catholic statutes!


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