White Marble Female Statue with Moon for Garden Decor

The female garden statue is a rare artwork, carved from a whole piece of marble, featuring an elegant woman and a crescent moon behind her, suitable for decoration and collection.
  • Item No.:MFI-044
  • Material:Natural Grade A Marble

Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery:   Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union


This white marble female garden statue captures the moment of a graceful lady. Her curvy and flowing long hair naturally falls on her shoulders, showing elegance and leisure.

White Marble Female Statue with Moon for Garden Decor (2) White Marble Female Statue with Moon for Garden Decor (4)

Elegant Marble Female Garden Statue:

The lady in the marble female garden statue is in a standing posture, her naked body has smooth lines, showing the ultimate human aesthetics.

One of her hands gently lifted a piece of veil draped over her chest, while the other hand touched the crescent moon behind her.

The solid marble base under the woman’s feet is dotted with cloud decorations, creating a dreamy effect of walking on the clouds.

The lady’s eyes are slightly closed, revealing inner peace and meditation.

The entire marble female garden statue is slender and graceful, and the crystal clear marble material makes the entire work more vivid and pure.

White Marble Female Statue with Moon for Garden Decor

Ultimate Outdoor Garden Decorative Art:

Placed in an outdoor garden, this marble female garden statue will become the focus of the landscape. Sunlight shines on it during the day, highlighting the delicate texture and soft light and shadow effects of the sculpture itself, and also under the reflection of the moonlight at night, it seems to be activated into a Fairy under the moon, quietly guarding the tranquility.

Whether it is the edge of the green lawn or the corner of the courtyard filled with flowers, this marble female garden statue will add a quiet and profound artistic atmosphere to your garden, making visitors stop to admire it and be immersed in it.

White Marble Female Statue with Moon for Garden Decor (7)

The Charm of Natural Marble Material:

Choosing high-quality natural marble as the material of the female garden statue with the moon ensures its durability and easy maintenance. Marble has a hard texture, and smooth surface, and is not easily eroded by wind and rain. It can maintain good condition even if placed outdoors for a long time.

The surface of the female garden statue with the moon will reflect a charming luster under the sunlight. As the seasons change, the sun rises and the moon sets, the color becomes warmer and brighter. Simple cleaning and maintenance can maintain its original gorgeous appearance, making it a timeless artistic highlight in your garden.

high-quality marble material

Marble Female Statue with Moon in YouFine Factory

Moon Theme Sculpture Series:

In addition to this standing marble female garden statue, we have also launched more female sculptures around the moon theme. Some ladies sit peacefully on the crescent moon, like goddesses in the night sky; others lean lazily on the crescent-shaped sculptures, showing the beauty of female flexibility and tenacity. These sculptures can also be made of marble or bronze. Different postures and materials create different styles, creating a rich and varied artistic atmosphere for your outdoor space.

More Marble Moon Theme Sculptures More Bronze Female Statues With Moon

Adequate Stock Supply:

YouFine has sufficient marble female garden statues in stock. Whether it is this popular standing lady or sculptures with other themes, such as female garden statues with fruits or children, you could buy them immediately and get fast delivery. There is no need to wait for customization, you could immediately bring this elegance derived from nature and blended with art into your private garden, making your beautiful living space more artistic.

Adequate Stock Supply in YouFine Factory more marble female garden statues

In addition to this marble female sculpture with the moon, we also have female sculptures such as the marble Goddess Tyche Fortuna statue, the marble Athena statue, etc. If you want to know more information, you could contact us at any time.


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