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  • Item No: BOKK-924
  • Material: Bronze
  • Min. Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Insurance: Cover All the Risk
  • Package: Strong Wooden Crate
  • Delivery: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C,D/A, D/P, Paypal, West Union
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    Life-Size Spartan Statue Details:

    This life-size bronze spartan warrior statue is extremely detailed and well-made. A spartan warrior is depicted as the appearance with hard armor, shield, and spear. It is cast with high-quality bronze material from our factory. What’s more, the golden finish emphasizes more details of the bronze spartan warrior sculpture. It would be a great gift for history buffs and look wonderful if displayed in your home or outdoor. This is also a first-rate piece of sculpture artistry in our factory.

    Classic Bronze Spartan Warrior Statue Outdoor Decor Manufacturer BOKK-924


    Spartan Warrior Introduction:

    Spartan warriors are also called hoplite. Unlike other city-states in Ancient Greece, who would engage in various types of pursuits such as trade or other activities with each other, all activities in Spartan society were related to the act of war. The Spartan citizens received uniform military training from adulthood. They were one of the most feared and powerful military forces in the Greek world at the time, achieving legendary status in the war with Persia. When they went into battle, a Spartan warrior or hoplite would wear a large bronze helmet, breastplate, and ankle guards, and carried a round shield made of bronze and wood, a long spear, and a sword.

    Greek warrior bronze statue -YouFine Sculpture


    Advantages of YouFine’s Bronze Sculptures:

    YouFine has nearly 40 years of experience in bronze sculpture making. Our bronze spartan warrior sculptures are well made and widely welcomed. On the one hand, we have professional sculpture casting masters who are proficient in the traditional lost wax casting process, which could preserve the details of metal sculptures to the greatest extent. As a result, our bronze spartan warriors are rich in detail and very realistic. On the other hand, we have professional chemical coloring masters, the color of the bronze sculpture painted by our factory is bright and full, and more importantly, it could become more and more natural with time.

    professional chemical coloring -YouFine Sculpturelife size spartan statue -YouFine Sculpturelost-wax-casting-YouFine Sculpture


    Customized Service:

    The most unique advantage of our factory is that we could provide comprehensive customization service for our customers. We have a professional design team ready to serve our customers. We could give design drawings according to customers’ needs and our drawings are clear and easy to understand. It is worth mentioning that the color, size, and shape of the sculpture could be changed according to your needs. In addition to this Spartan warrior sculpture, we have made a large number of famous bronze figure sculptures, classic animal sculptures, and so on. Our factory could meet all the needs of our customers regarding our products.

    bronze statue spartan warrior -YouFine Sculpturebronze statue for sale -YouFine Sculpture

    If you are interested in this bronze Spartan warrior sculpture, please contact us for more details about the sculpture and we would apply a discount for you if you decide to buy it.


    about youfine

    YouFine art and sculpture is a leading sculpture factory and exporter in Quyang County, which is known as the land of sculpture. And we are specialized in making hand-carved marble sculpture, life-size bronze sculpture, stainless steel sculpture and cast iron products. We have professional work group and designers. Your final product will not be finished until you have approved it completely.

     1. We welcome customized designs and sizes. We have a professional design team who can accommodate any custom project need. Exclusive mold studio and free model for use. We will try our best to satisfy your unique project requirements. 

    2. To track your product progress, we will provide you photos at each important step in the process. You will clearly know how your sculptures are made in each production process. 

    3. Good package and full insurance to cover all the risks during shipping. If something is damaged during the shipping, we will do our best to quickly send you a replacement. Door to door delivery is also available.

    4. The biggest difference between us and others is our commitment to the top quality in every aspect. From our skilled masters with sculpting for decades, to our strict QC team, we don’t make delivery until you are satisfied. Making sculptures with heart, and doing it well are our lifetime goal.

    You are more than welcome to visit our factory!

    Looking forward to receiving your feedback photos or videos on YouFine sculptures!



    Visible Quality, Professional Service.


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