Modern Abstract Bronze Face Sculpture Igor Mitoraj Replica for Sale BOKK-578

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  • Item No.: BOKK-578
  • Material:Quality Bronze
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Min. Order Quantity:   1 Piece
Insurance:   Cover All the Risk
Package:   Strong Wooden Crate
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This large abstract bronze face sculpture features fragmented parts of a bronze face. This large Igor Mitoraj for sale is only a part of the body, with clear features. It is very suitable to be placed on the street, as a landmark building of contemporary art. Usually, its size will be huge, and it will be very attractive when placed on a square or park lawn. Inspired by Igor Mitoraj, YouFine’s talented artist can fully grasp the essence of the character, and maintain a high degree of restoration and original work.

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Introduction of Igor Mitoraj:

Igor Mitoraj was a Polish artist born between 1944 and 2014. He was originally a painter but is primarily known for his bronze and marble sculptures. Ancient Greece and Rome influenced Mitolai’s sculpture style, and his works belong to the classical style. And when making them, he especially adds a sense of old, making these artworks look like they were made in ancient times. His works are often presented in the form of incomplete parts. “I feel that the sound of an arm or a leg is more powerful than the whole body,” Mitoraji said.

Introduction of Igor Mitoraj

More Igor Mitoraj Sculptures:

A series of Igor Mitoraj sculpture replicas are available in YouFine. For those who have the same hobby of art, we are very happy to be able to provide you with good designs. Moreover, some works also have ready clay models, which can save you model costs. If you like similar designs, be sure to tell us your needs. As long as it is proposed, it can be satisfied.

Igor Mitoraj sculpture replica clay models

High Quality Craftsmanship:

This bronze face sculpture is made by the lost wax process. That is to say, we need to plasticize the clay model first, and then turn the clay model into a wax shell. Constantly modify the wax shell, and then use the wax shell to make the sand shell. In this way, when the high-temperature bronze water is injected, the wax shell melts thus forming a bronze shell.
The bronze shell is welded and polished to become the finished product you see now, which is our Igor Mitoraj for sale. Such tedious craftsmanship is precisely positioned in every detail, just to give you the most perfect Igor Mitoraj sculpture.

YouFine Foundry:

YouFine’s bronze figure statues are one of the important works of our foundry. Our factory is a leading manufacturer of bronze statues. Our team has provided quality services to millions of customers around the world because of the exquisite workmanship and reasonable prices. It has been well-received for many years and is your first choice for custom-made character sculptures.

Customer Feedback:

This is the feedback from one of our customers from Belgium, she purchased this Igor Mitoraj replica from us and is very satisfied. If you want to know more about the Igor Mitoraj sculptures we have sold, you could read this article: Poland Private Art Collectors Project.

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