The Creepy and the Goth Art Marble Toilet – Skoilet

Toilets, often associated with practicality rather than artistic expression, are undergoing a remarkable transformation. While traditionally seen as discreet fixtures, they are now being recognized as more than mere necessities. Like sculptures crafted from porcelain, marble, or metal, toilets are becoming works of art that demand skilled craftsmanship to bring them to life. In fact, toilets are not so different from sinks, bathtubs, or other household appliances that we admire for their aesthetic appeal. With the emergence of a new generation of artists and a more liberated sense of humor, people are embracing the idea that toilets can be whimsical, peculiar, and even eerie!

The Creepy and the Goth Art Marble Toilet - Skoilet


Introducing the Skoilet:

a toilet intricately carved into the shape of a skull. Skulls have been a popular artistic motif for centuries, but the skoilet takes it to a whole new level. The grinning, funhouse-style skull serves as a playful homage to modern gothic culture and Halloween, but these sculptures are not confined to seasonal novelties. From natural marble to glossy porcelain, skoilets are available in a myriad of styles to suit any aesthetic preference.

The Creepy and the Goth Art Marble Toilet - Skoilet


One of the trailblazing skoilet creators is Claude Somajini, a former plumber who has ingeniously designed sleek, high-tech “water thrones” complete with integrated audio systems and mesmerizing LED lights. For those who appreciate a more traditional look, Marblebee offers meticulously hand-carved skoilets from marble stone, presenting an array of designs such as a skull-shaped toilet hewn from solid black marble, an elegant white marble toilet adorned with glowing green eyes, and a chilling water-splashed porcelain toilet featuring an eerie yellowish tinge.

The Creepy and the Goth Art Marble Toilet - SkoiletThe Creepy and the Goth Art Marble Toilet - Skoilet


But Why Skulls?

The answer lies in centuries of artistic expression, stemming from gothic architecture to religious iconography. The skoilet merges macabre imagery with a lighthearted and humorous tone, resulting in a distinctive and unforgettable addition to restroom fixtures that is bound to endure. So whether you are a hip young homeowner with a mischievous streak or an art enthusiast in search of something truly unparalleled, the skoilet offers an exhilarating and liberating contribution to mainstream art. It challenges conventional perceptions, blurring the boundaries between utility and creativity, and injects a sense of character into a space often overlooked in artistic endeavors.

The Creepy and the Goth Art Marble Toilet - Skoilet


As the popularity of skoilets continues to rise, we can envision an evolving movement where toilets transcend their mundane functionality to become artistic statements and conversation starters. Imagine galleries dedicated to showcasing a diverse range of skoilets, each one a testament to the imaginative spirit of its creator. Moreover, collaborations between skoilet artists and renowned sculptors may redefine the boundaries of contemporary art, bringing this unexpected medium to prestigious exhibitions and inspiring dialogues on the intersection of functionality and aesthetics.

The Creepy and the Goth Art Marble Toilet - Skoilet The Creepy and the Goth Art Marble Toilet - Skoilet The Creepy and the Goth Art Marble Toilet - Skoilet The Creepy and the Goth Art Marble Toilet - Skoilet


The emergence of the skoilet represents a shift in societal attitudes towards art, humor, and personal expression. It encourages individuals to break free from convention and infuse their everyday lives with a touch of the unexpected. So, whether you choose to embrace the skoilet as a symbol of rebellious creativity or simply appreciate its quirky charm, it undeniably marks a new chapter in the ever-evolving world of mainstream art.

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